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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Sabbath School Secretary

The Sabbath School Secretary and Assistants will be responsible for:
  1. Ordering materials such as quarterlies, program helps, mission DVDs, etc. for Adult and Children’s Sabbath School classes. The Sabbath Secretary will consult with Superintendents and Division leaders on a regular basis to determine accurate amounts of materials to order.
  2. Distributing materials to leaders and teachers. It is the responsibility of the Sabbath School Secretary to see that these items are ordered in advance of need, received, stored carefully, and distributed on time.
  3. Attending Adult and Children’s Sabbath School council meetings which are scheduled quarterly.
  4. Collecting Sabbath School offerings.
  5. Keeping a record of Sabbath school attendance. Each Sabbath school teacher and division leader is to be supplied with a membership record folder and encouraged to keep a list of people in the group. These form the basis for filling out the Sabbath school profile which is the official statistical report of the Sabbath School in our church.
Time Commitment:
He or she will spend 1 hour per week in serving as Sabbath School Secretary.

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