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Friday, April 8, 2016

Withdrawing grades:

Withdrawing grades:

        Withdrawing from any course during the first six weeks of the semester will be assigned no grade and the registration for the course will be treated as cancelled. Withdrawal after the sixth week and till the end of the third week after the mid-semester examination shall be given “W” grade.  Withdrawals after that date and up to the last
pre-exam study day shall be given “WF” if the student has been doing failing work up to that time.

        Any student withdrawing after the sixth week with excess absences in the course shall be assigned an “F” grade in course.

Class Attendance:
        Prompt and regular attendance at all class appointments is required of every student.  Absences may lower the student’s grade in a course, and if for any reason the total number of absences exceeds three times the number of class appointments per week in a course the credit will be forfeited and grade of “F” recorded.  This ruling may be modified only at the discretion of the College Committee.
        The student is advised to inform the teachers in advance of a necessary absences from classes.  This does not constitute an excuse from classes. Consideration may be given to an absence if a student presents an acceptable reason, medical report/document in case of illness, or by the appropriate authority in other emergencies.
Class Load:
        The normal academic load is 16-18 credits per semester. The class load is computed on the basis of the semester or credit hour, which represents one fifty-minute class period per week through a semester or term of 16-18 weeks.For each hour spent in the classroom, the student should expect to spend two hours in study and preparation of course assignments.
        A student’s class load is decided by such factors as his/her academic standing.

A student who has been permitted to carry a class must maintain
his/her grade-point average of 2.5.  If such student fails to maintain this average, the class load will be reduced at the discretion of the Committee. For registration purposes, comprehensive examinations will count as a two-hour class load.

Classification of Students:

First year: A beginning student who has successfully completed High School or its equivalent.
Second year: a student who has at least 24 hours of credit of regular college work with a minimum of 2.00 GPA.
Third year: A student who has at least 56 hours regular college credit
with a cumulative “C” 2.00.
Fourth year: A student who has satisfactory completed 90 hours of regular work with a cumulative “C” average, 2.00.
Cognate: A cognate is a requirement in the major or minor field, but outside the department itself, which a student must complete for graduation. Unless otherwise specified, a minimum grade of “D” meets the requirements in a subject taken as a cognate.

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