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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Kua in Seventh-day Adventist hi ding hiam?

SDA theology handbook in, “ the Seventh-day Adventist Church is a worldwide body of more than 10 million Christians who observe Saturday as the Sabbath and expect Jesus’ Second coming soon….. Adventists are a conservative Protestant body of evangelical Christians whose faith is grounded in the Bible and centered on Jesus, with stress on His atoning death on the cross, ministry in the heavenly sanctuary and soon return to redeem His people.”(Ref. Handbook of Seventh-day Adventist Theology, 2000. laimai, 1.). Hih in, SDAte’ upna guilet 28, a sawk khakloh omlo hi; a vekin huam hi. Biakna pawlpi a om khempeuh in pawlpi hihna (identity) leh pawlpi’ nasep (mission) nei hamtang ciat uh hi. Seventh-day Adventist te in zong a nei uh hi. SDAte’ identity leh mission in Mangmuhna 14: 6-12 ahi hi.

Leitung-ah ‘thukham’’ki-ukna’ nam tampi om hi; mihingte’ bawl tawm vive ahi hi. Mihingte’ bawl tawm hi lo, ‘thukham’ ahih kei leh ‘ki-ukna’ PASIAN THUKHAM 10 sim loh mihing’ bawlloh ki-ukna a dang a om nawn kei hi. Pasian’ bawl ki-ukna thukham ut bangin mihingte in deih kaih thei ahih leh, mihingte’ bawl tawm ki-ukna bel mite in, a san’na pan a niamna lam-ah a luang suk ngeu-ngeu tui bangin, deihdeihna-ah kihei ahi hi. Hih tawh kizui-in gamsung ki-ukna u-pa-di in “nang SDA hi kei teh”, “nang SDA hi cia” ci-in thu a khen hangin, tua thukhenna a man thukhenna mah ahi ding hiam?
Kuate in Seventh-day Adventist kici ding hiam?

Seventh-day Adventist te-in ki-ukna thukham nei hi. Tua thukham leh ki-ukna tuamtuamte siksan in “kua in SDA hi ding hi,” cih khensatna om hi. Kawlgam aa conference a deihsak, a panpih (pro-conference) mite’ lang aa te-in, General Conference tawh kizom lote SDA hi lo hi, ci zelzel uh hi.  Pro-conference te in, ko zong SDA hi ung. General Conference tawh kizom nuamlo aa kizomlo hilo hi ung. General Conference tawh a kizom thei nai lo bek hi ung. Ko zong SDA hi ung. Bang hang hiam cih leh, “the full title Seventh-day Adventist (or the equivalent title in various languages) is the official name of a specific body of doctrines, of which the Sabbath and the Second Advent form only a part. It does not apply to those (mostly in small groups) who observe the seventh-day and hold to the nearness of the Advent but who differ on other doctrines, and hence are not part of the denomination. On the other hand, it is not denied to those of like faith who are separated by circumstances from organziational connection with the whole body of Seventh-day Adventists.” (Seventh-day Adventist Encyclopedia Vol.10th, Revised Edition, laimai 1324).

Hih mun san tak-ah ‘circumstances’cih kammal deihna pen mimal’ deihna hi ding hiam ahih kei leh General Conference ii deihna leh ngimna, koi zaw in thukhen ding hiam?
Pro and con conference tawh kisai in kumpi zum a tung masa pen kua hiam? April 2004 in UMM in kumpi tungah pro-conference SDA te pen SDA hi lo hi, ci-in a va koh masakna hi. Tua simloh a masa zaw official record kimu lo hi.

Pro-conference te in pawl thak phuan hi lo hi. Phuan ding ngim lo hi. SDA pawlpi ki makaihna ah, mission kima kaihna leh conference kima kaihna cih nam nih om aa, pro-conference te in ko conference kima kaihna tawh kima kaih nuam ung, a ci hi bek hi.
Pro and con-conference buaina leh supna te, kei hang hi kei a ci bang kek khatin, tua nu tua pa hang hi, ci-in kimawh sakna tu ni ciang dong bei nai lo hi. A taktak in, pro and con-conference buaina mei a tawh, a kuang sak kua hi aa, bang thu hiam cih, ih theih nop leh, theih hak het lo hi. A bei sa thu-te kan kik lecin, a bei sa hun leh thu in kua mah khem thei lo hi. Khem ngei lo hi. Khem ngei lo ding hi. Ei leh ei kikhem bek ihi hi.

Abei sa hun-ah pro-conference te nasepna te ah Pasian in hong ompih kei, a ci ngam kua om hiam? Mihingte’ vaihawmna ahih leh ama thu-in hong bei lel ding hi. Ahi zongin Pasian’ kiangpan hong pai thu ahih leh gualzo in lawh cing ding hi. Tua thu a do teitei te, Pasian a do hi ding uh hi.

Gin Lian Mung, PhD
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