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Monday, April 25, 2016


       March 9, 2006

There are rumors regarding the nature and meaning of disbandment

1.     Myanmar Union Executive committee declared that they had disfellowshipped the Executive members of Conference promoters in 2004. That was an unconstitutional act against the Church manual since the Church never had entrusted them with such authorities, but only to the local church. Therefore, it was a serious mistake. Let us pray for them. Pr. Suak Khaw Ngin repeated the same mistake again at Thalmual, Lezang, and Kaptel church in April 2004. We disapproved him.

2.   “Disband” means “disconnection” with any association, but not disfellowshiping. SDA is a proper name for all Adventists. But “Mission” or “Conference” is an organizational title of the SDA church: organization itself does not necessarily means “Church”. Regarding to defection, there may be tares in both the mission and the Conference.

Therefore, we disagree about the disbandment of the 17 conference Churches by MYUM for the following reasons:

1.     The government of Myanmar has enacted laws that permit freedom to organize for pure religious purpose.

2.   The disbandment was done by pro-mission delegations, chosen by UMM leaderships, without proper understanding about disbandment.

a.  That the disbandment could only be made unavoidably for doctrinal apostasy (see Minister’s manual, p 110). We are not committing such apostasy at all.

b.  The way they receive representatives from local churches and conducting of election was unconstitutional because of

1.     In MYUM session of 2001, the election was done by right delegation but was unconstitutional election (wrong method). In 2003 and 2006 the election was done by wrong delegation although the method or procedure was rightly followed. Therefore, it still was unconstitutional.

2.   Since they are unconstitutionally elected, the MYUM and UMM EC along with all the actions, resolution, and it ordinations are automatically unconstitutional too in 2006 Session.

3.   At the Session of Upper Myanmar Local Mission in 2006, delegates chosen by the local churches were rejected and were replaced with selected persons chosen by The Upper Myanmar Local Mission.

a.  The chosen representative from Chanthagyi Church was Mr.Thang Khan Dal, but the leaders rejected and replaced him with Thang Lian Nang. Pyidawtha (B) SDA church chosen representative was Mr. Cin Deih Khup, but he was rejected and replaced with another person of Mission leaders’ own choice

b.  The Mission leaders refused to invite and receive church representatives from churches such as Anlangh, Cikung Kyaundawyeshin, Mayan, Ngente, Phaiza, Sakollam,Tonzang, Vangteh, Ye Aye, and etc.

That was another serious mistake against the authority of the church.

3.   Regarding to Registration in Myanmar Biblical Christian Fellowship (MBCF), MYUM had not secured registration with the government except that of with the Stock Exchange Company in 1949. But we have register in the MBCF since it is an officially recognized Association having the objective of self-supporting, self-governing, and self-propagating in ministry. If the SSD and GC disapprove it for any reason we can withdraw it at any point of time (Registration with MBCF was for only one year from March 2005 to December 2005 and it is expired now and is not renewed again). We registered with them only to save guard the constant offensive attack against the Conference by the MYUM and UMM leaders and not for doctrinal reason.

4.   Regarding Baptismal and communion Service officiated by lay elders, we never did any ordination to any one for Credential license. But we only authorized the ordained elders to perform and officiate in church sacraments because the MYUM and UMM pastors refused to do so to the Conference churches since early 2003.

      Mr. Kai Za Dal
Chairman, Conference
      Authenticated: Correct, genuine, and true English Translation.
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