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Monday, April 25, 2016


Date – March 14, 2006

1.     As each member has individual right and freedom of choice, his/her choice to join any group must be respected and accepted without using any kind or means of force.

2.   As the Government of Myanmar passed an act of forming purely religious associations freely in 1988 (4/B), no insult or despise on any group be allowed.

3.   As the SDA Church building belongs to the SDA Church that comprises of Mission group and Conference group, both or each group must have equal rights and opportunity to worship the Lord in the Church. The majority of Church members from the local Church, regardless of Conference or Mission, must control the affairs of all the Church functioning, while it should give equal rights of members of the minority group to witness, to participate in praises etc.

4.   As each member has a right to give his/her tithes and offerings to his/her choice of group, his/her choice should not be objected, hindered by any means.

5.   As the Adventist Education is provided at any place or locality without any discrimination of race, denomination, religion, children of both the said group must be welcome and accepted like others to get education.

6.  As the REACH aid is given to certain pupils without any discrimination, any student that receives the aid should be given regardless of his/her belonging to Conference group or Mission group.

7.   As certain schools are operated by both the groups respectively, neither group should disturb another.

8.   As the SDA Church Manual is the standard to administer the local Church, both should accept it to have authority over them rather than any organizational leader.

9.  Any litigation is not encouraged at all by both the groups.

10. Both the group leaders have obligation and responsibility to control their members to behave in the manner of godly behavior, peace lover or a Christian.

Mission Group Leaders                   Conference Group Leaders
1. Pr. Muller Kyaw ___________      1. Kai Za Dal   (Signature )
2. Pr. Memory Tun __________      2. Kham Khen Pau  (Signature)
3. Pr. Min Lwin _____________      3. Kam Khan Mung  (Signature)
4. Pr. Kai Khan Khual ______        4. Thang Lian Khup  (Signature)

                        1. Sangchia    ___________________
                        2. Gin Sian Mung  ___________________
67 C

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