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Monday, April 25, 2016


No  Date  Correspondents  Subject

1.             May 17, 2003 Members to SSD Members of Upper Myanmar SDA abroad submitted an Appeal regarding the Conference Planning committee

2.           June 26, 2003 SSD to Mungno A. C. Gulfan Jr., sent a letter to Mungno regarding the Conference Planning Committee

3.           Nov 14, 2003 CPC to GC The Conference Planning Committee        submitted 12 pages of paper to the GC regarding the Aspiration of Conference status in Upper Myanmar

4.           Nov 14, 2003 KZDal   Kai Za Dal explain about Mission leaders        accusation of the Conference group to be doctrinal deviation like that of Dr. Kellogg’s Pantheism and DM Canright’s rebellion against the SDA church

5.           Feb 15, 2004 KZDal to SSD Kai Za Dal submitted a letter to A. C. Gulfan       Jr., (the President of SSD) regarding the Conference Planning Committee, the        unconstitutional election of MYUM/UMM, and the untrustworthiness of MYUM leadership

6.          Nov 24, 2003 KZDal to SSD Kai Za Dal sent a letter to SSD Regarding        Church unity, the incorporation of workers and lay

7.           April 26, 2004 KZDal to SSD Kai Za Dal explained about MYUM’s failure        to follow policy in elections and the unjustifiable disbandment of the Conference Planning Committee by MYUM/UMM regarding the  MYUM election of 2003 to the SSD President. It was his response to AC Gulfan Jr (letter to Kai Za Dal dated March 15, 2004)

8.              KZDal to SSD  Kai Za Dal complained about MYUM/UMM workers actions against the Conference promoters

9.          2004 KKPau to Mungno Regarding the background history of the        Adventist Theological Institute (ATI)

10.       July 19, 2005 Sangchia to SSD Sangchia wrote a letter to SSD President regarding God’s Solution for Human Problem in Upper Myanmar Conference status in Myanmar Union

11.          July 23, 2005 SSD to Sangchia AC Gulfan Jr., wrote a letter to Elder Sangchia       regarding to Conference status in MYUM 

12.        Aug 1, 2005 Dal to Sangchia Thang Khan Dal forwarded Kai Za Dal’s        letter (to GC on Aug 1, 2005) to Sangchia regarding MYUM leader’s accusation against the Conference promoters to government officials.

13.        Aug 7, 2005 Dal to Sangchia Dal Khan Mang’s request Dr. GT Ng of SSD       (dated  March 8, 2005) to form a neutral group to solve the problem in MYUM.

14.        Aug 10, 2005 R.chinna to Sangchia  Elder Rualchhina wrote a letter to Elder        Sangchia regarding solution of the problem in Burma Union

15.        Aug 12, 2005 Bawla to Rualchinna Bawla explained about the closure of Khampat Church School by the District officials

16.       Aug 24, 2005 Dalmang to SSD Dal Khan Mang, a PhD candidate in AIIAS, forwarded copy of his request to AC. Gulfan Jr., to form up a Neutral group to solve the problem

17.        Aug 23, 2005 Dal to Sangchia Dal forwarded Dal Khan Mang’s letter to elder Sangchia
18.        Aug 30, 2005 SKNgin to SSD Suak Kaw Ngin reported about UMM Problem       to SSD President

19.       Sept. 4, 2005 Muller to Mungno Pr. Muller Kyaw (MYUM President) told his        doubt about Conference leaders’ willingness to meet SSD leaders.

20.    Sept 7, 2005 Mungno to Sangchia Mungno forwarded draft of letter to Sangchia which he prepared to send to the SSD

21.        Sept 9, 2005 Dal to SSD President Thang Khan Dal requested SSD to form a         Commission for fact Finding

22.      Sept 18, 2005 Mungno to Muller Mungno sent written suggestions to Pr.        Muller Kyaw regarding the true nature of the issue and the solution of the Problem

23.      Sept 19, 2005 KZDal to Gulfan Jr.  Kai Za Dal’s letter to SSD President in        response to Suak Khaw Ngin’s (SKngin) letter about UMM Problem(refer to  No. 18.)

24.     Sept 20, 2005 Muller to Mungno Pr. Muller Kyaw wrote about his determination to disband the Conference promoters at December, 2005

25.      Sept 26, 2005 Pkthang to Gulfan Jr. Summary of Events that cause Tension        Between MYUM and the Lays

26.     Sept 28, 2005 Mungno to Sangchia Mungno Appealed MYUM and UMM leaders to postpone the plan to Disband Leaders Conference group until a Commission meet with the Conference group

27.      Oct 21, 2005 KZDal to RChinna Kai Za Dal, Chairman of MAC positively        responded to Rualchhina’s appeal for reconciliation

28.      Dec 30, 2005 K K Pau to SSD:  Kham Khen Pau, Vice-Chairman of the MAC       sent a letter to SSD regarding his acceptance of SSD President’s appeal for reconciliation (AC. Gulfan Jr., to Kham Khen Pau and Kai Za Dal dated Dec 14, 2005)

29.     Feb 15, 2006 Dal to Sangchia Thang Khan Dal requested Elder Sangchia to       meet with Pr. Muller Kyaw, Mang Za Lian, Kham Khen Pau, and Kai Za Dal when he visit to MYUM

30.       Dal to Sangchia Pr. Muller Kyaw’s letter of confession for his mistakes and refusal to address Kai Za Dal and other MAC leaders 

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