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Monday, April 25, 2016

Disbandment of Conference Promoters, their Current Position, and Their Views on Myanmar Union Mission and Its Action

The Negotiation Group
Led by
Elder C. Sangchia, MA
Lay Evangelist and Health Educator
Zarkawt, Aizawl, Mizoram, INDIA
PIN 796007
Contact PH: 09436151995


ATI  Adventist Theological Institute
CPC  Conference Planning Committee
Dal  Mr. Thang Khan Dal of USA
DKMang Dr. Dal Khan Mang, a PhD candidate of Myanmar Student at AIIAS
GC  General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
KKPau Kham Khen Pau, (Former President of the Upper Myanmar Local Mission),  Vice-Chairman of the MAC
KZDal  Kai Za Dal, the Chairman of MAC
MAC   Myanmar Adventist Conference
MYUM  Myanmar Union Mission of SDA
SPDC  State Peace and Development Council
SSD  Southern Asia-Pacific Division of SDA
UMC  Upper Myanmar Conference
UMM-EC Upper Myanmar Local Mission Executive Committee

Table of Contents

            Contents                                                                                                 Page

      List of Abbreviation …………………………                                                     2

Chapter 1:  Introduction  
a.  Purpose ……………………………………………                                                4
b.  Methodology ………………………………………………                                4
c.    Statement of the Problem ………………………………                   4

Chapter 2:  Summary of Facts Findings    
a.  Emergence of the Crisis ………………………………….                        5 - 7
b.  Retrospect and Prospect …………………………………                       7
c.    Conclusion …………………………………………….                                          8

Chapter 3:  Voices from church Members   
a.  Explanation about Association with MBCF…                             9 - 10
b.  Voices from church members ………………………..                           11 - 39
c.    Voices from Mission leaders …………………………                              40 - 42
d.  Meeting With Churches ………………………………….                            42 - 46

Chapter 4:  Notary Copies Documents …                                                      51 - 64
a.  Summary of the Documents submitted to the
Government by MYUM ………………………………                                              48 - 50
b.  Copies of Notarial Translation of the documents                 51 - 64
c.    Certificate of Myanmar Biblical Christian Fellowship(MBCF)
d.  MAC’s explanation about the Disbandment ………………63 - 64

Chapter 5:  Current Position of MAC 
a.  A Contract of Mutual Agreement between Two Parties: SDA Mission Group and SDA Conference Group. ………………………          65 - 66
b.  Official Declaration of MAS Current Position ……………    67 - 68
        c. My Personal Declaration ………………………………..                      69 - 70
Chapter 6:  List of Correspondent Letter on MYUM-MAC ……71 - 72 


1.     To find out the present position of the 17 churches (with more than 3500 church members) that had been disbanded by Myanmar Union Mission whether they are still faithful to the Adventist Fundamental Doctrines or not.
2.   How to take care of them so that they should not be lost but turn out to be missionary force.
3.   To get a true picture of them in order to bring them back into the fold of worldwide SDA organization.

1.     Personal visit to Myanmar Union Mission after securing the consensus from the SSD President, MYUM, and the Conference group leaders.
2.   Meeting with the Conference group, collecting written declaration and individual views about the issue.
3.   Analysis and presentation of the findings.


Myanmar Union Mission disbanded 3500 Adventists on questionable ground. The MYUM leaders have accused the Conference group on the ground such as doctrinal apostasy, rebellion against the church, insubordination, unfaithfulness in returning tithe and offering, etc.



      Out of more than 3500 Adventists who have been disbanded, 275 Adventists from six local churches were interviewed. Followings are the Conference group’s answer and explanation on the issues raised by MYUM leaders. 

Emergence of the Crisis

2001: Myanmar Union Mission held it Session in Yangon during December 10-14. The  Union leaders introduce a strange procedure to nominate “the nominating  Committee” without the approval of the delegates. The UMM delegates  complained about it to Pr. Tin Tun, but in vain.
      The same kind of procedure was arbitrarily introduced by the Union leaders at the  UMM Triennial Session which was held at Kyuthonbin, Kalemyo in January, 2002.

2002: January 29, MYUM arbitrarily voted a resolution for the closure of ATI ( Adventist  Theological Institute) which had been operated for four years (since 1998) under  mutual agreement between the MYUM and UMM (voted 97-085, 086).

      After announcing the closure of ATI, the new president began to attack to the students of the Institute and supporters of it. Because of this, church members began to doubt about the leadership of UMM and MYUM.
2003:  The Union leaders have express their negative responses to church members’ complaint about the election, the closure of ATI, and promotion of achievement to Conference status.

      However, the visits of SSD officials narrowed down the gap that the MYUM/UMM and the Conference promoters could reach a mutual agreements to step forward for the Conference status unitedly despite of the crisis of 2001 and 2002.

      Unfortunately the gap remains unabridged and became widen that the crisis became more intensified under the new leadership of the Union because of their refusal to fulfill their own promises (June, July, Sept, and Nov) at the Session of MYUM (December 2-5, 2003) and their denial to comply with the SSD Policy regarding the election in UMM Session (December 29-31, 2003).

2004: In order to justify all the failures of promises made by the Union Leaders mentioned above, the Union and Mission leadership consecutively voted resolutions against the Conference promoters and elevated the issues to the government officials instead of arranging dialogue to get a solution for the problems. This heightened church members distrust in the leadership of MYUM and UMM.

2005: Some church members in abroad who were very much concerned about this crisis seek way to solve the problem by proposing to have a dialogue for reconciliation.  The proposal was accepted by the leaders of both parties (MYUM and MAC).  During that situation, Pr. Muller (President of MYUM) circulated a letter of confession for his mistakes in election (of 2001 and 2003) among few church members but refused to address the leaders of MAC. Instead of making  arrangement for dialogue proposed  by the above mentioned concerned church  members, he unaltered MYUM planned agenda for the disbandment had clogged  all arrangements of dialogue, but only resulted the  disbandment of 17 churches  which comprised more than 3500 Adventists in January 18, 2006.

1.     Regarding apostasy: The Myanmar Biblical Christian Fellowship (MBCF) is not a church, but an evangelical Fellowship in Myanmar. Registration in the MBCF was not doctrinal apostasy. There is no doubt that the Conference group accepted the 28 fundamental doctrines of SDA Believes. There is no evidence that the Conference group have deviated/departed from Adventist doctrines in their belief and in their practice. It is a flimsy excuse by MYUM to disband 3500 precious souls on this ground.

2.   Regarding policies and church organization: The Conference group accepts The Church Manual and all the Constitutional by-laws and Working Policies of the SSD/GC.

3.   Regarding the mission of the Church: The Conference group believes that they have a special message (the three angels’ message Matt 28:19-20; Rev 14:6 – 12) to preach to the world. Especially they concentrate to evangelize among the non-Christians in Myanmar.

4.   Regarding Tithe and offering: The Conference group wants to support the mission of the SDA church with their means. They are ready to submit their tithe and offerings to the SSD. The Conference welcomes and will work with Southern Asia Pacific Division (SSD) especially to control the tithe and offerings. They requested the SSD to make a special arrangement for the same.

5.   Regarding Administration and leadership of the Union: The Conference groups have no confidence and trust in the leadership of MYUM and UMM because of inconsistency and lack of moral ascendancy.

6.  Regarding CPC/UMC/MAC: The Conference Planning Committee (CPC) has evolved gradually and known as Upper Myanmar Conference (UMC) after MYUM arbitrarily voted a resolution (UMM EC voted No 2003-090) to disband the Conference group on December 29-31, 2003, and now it stands as Myanmar Adventist Conference of SDA (MAC) due to the MYUM leaders refusal to accept the offer made by CPC for unity and reconciliation. Instead of accepting the offer of unity, the MYUM leaders elevated the issue to the secular government (UMM resolution 017, 018-2004 of April 6-7, 2004). This action cast serious doubt on their sincerity to reconcile with CPC. At the earlier stage, MAC never intended to separate from MYUM. But it is the MYUM which separated itself from MAC. Since then MAC no longer has desire of returning into the fold of Myanmar Union Mission.

7.   Regarding disbandment: They (MAC members) respect the resolution of duly elected representatives of the church. However, since there was no representative from Conference promoting churches in the Session of 2006, they (MAC members) do not recognize the disbandment for the following reasons: (a) MAC members were not invited (b) travel expense for the Session was not provided to MAC members by the Local Mission and (c) the MYUM leaders replaced duly elected delegates with their own men. Therefore MAC members saw it as unconstitutional and refused to recognize the disbandment.

8.   Regarding denial to meet the SSD leaders in September 2005: MAC leaders are always willing to have a dialogue to settle the issues and ever willing to meet SSD leaders. However, during the SSD President’s visit to the Headquarter of UMM in May 2-4, 2004, MAC leaders were not able to meet them because no official arrangement had been made.

9.  Regarding the Accusation Reports Sent to the Government: The Conference group said they never initiated such reports. Already the Mission leaders had elevated the issue of the church to the government as early as January 2004 while the Conference groups were totally ignorant about such conspiracies against them. It came to their attention only in early January 2005 when the government officials came to them (Conference group) for investigation about the issue and asked them to submit a written explanation about the reports sent by Mission group. The opinion of Conference group is that any issue related to the church should be settled within the church and not in the government court or office.

10. Advantage and disadvantage on separation from MYUM

Advantages: Conference group experience the protection and the providence of God in ministry.
Less dependence on Mission for moral and financial support. Every individual member is valued for the service of God.
Less autocratic in leadership and less bureaucracy in ministry.

Disadvantages: Lost of trust in the leadership of MYUM, and lost of dependence on the Mission.

Retrospect and Prospect

The Conference group holds the spreading of the gospel news as a primary goal. Unfortunately, the political in-fighting within the church seriously undermined the growth of the church in Myanmar Union Mission. It was the Myanmar Union Mission leaders who demonized and ostracized the Conference group’s aspiration for church growth in Myanmar. MAC envisions spreading of the three angels messages throughout Myanmar. It sees unity as an important factor to achieve its vision. It also believes in dialogues and reconciliation to settle differences with MYUM. However, a pattern of misdeeds, lack of leadership ability, dishonesty, lust for power and position, lack of Christian ethics and moral ascendancy, lack of credibility, and lack of burden for lost souls have caused lost of trust in the present Union leadership. MAC is praying for the rising of a godly, trustworthy, and credible leader(s) who will unite the church to proclaim Jesus throughout Myanmar.

The only solution to the issue in Myanmar Adventist Church is to recognize Conference Status as earlier as possible. Losing one soul is very painful in the side of God and I have a strong concern to loose 3500 pro-conference souls. As one of the church elder, I suggest you to consider recognition of Conference Status in Myanmar. 


A brief explanation about membership in Myanmar Biblical Christian Fellowship (MBCF)

This is a brief explanation regarding the prevailing misunderstanding about the Conference group’s association with (registration in) MBCF.
Myanmar Union Mission (MYUM) leaders began to stamped out Conference aspiration and its promoters by attacking them verbally since 2002, and by taking arbitrary actions right after the Triennial Session of the Upper Myanmar (UMM) which was held on 29 -31 December 2003. Since 2002 MYUM leaders have shown a pattern of inconsistency and failure to fulfill their promises which seriously eroded their credibility as moral and spiritual leaders of the church. The following chronology of events gives a glimpse of the leaders’ inconsistency and lack of moral ascendancy.

1.     December 2-5, 2003: MYUM leaders blocked all possible diplomatic approaches made by the CPC for the achievement of Conference status and for the unity of the church. Moreover, the MYUM arbitrarily proposed to vote for the disbandment of the Conference group at the Triennial Session of UMM which was held during December 29-31, 2003.

2.   January 1, 2004: MYUM/UMM officially declared the disbandment of the Conference promoters during the month of April after they have confirmed the disbandment on April 6-7, 2004 (UMM Voted No. 017, 018-2004) and then proceeded the issue to the government.

Due to these actions, the CPC proposed to name as the Upper Myanmar Conference of Seventh-day Adventist on 16th January 2004 only after all possible diplomatic approaches made by the CPC had failed.

3.   February 2004: Pr. Muller Kyaw, MYUM President, delegated the Special Power of Attorney (SP) to the UMM officers so that they could proceed the issue of the church to the Criminal Courts. (We believe issues of the church should be settled within the church. We were very sad to see our spiritual father having no second thought about bringing his sheep to criminal courts).

4.   April 19, 2004: after disbandment of Conference promoters (Ref No.1) Pr. Min Lwin, the President of Upper Myanmar Local Mission, publicly declared the Conference group as an illegal religious body which is not related to SDA Church. Copies of his letter were distributed among all levels of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and also submitted to the Government’s Ministry of Home Affairs.

5.   May 18, 2004: Pr. Neng Khan Suan, the church pastor of Tonzang Township sued the Conference gospel team as criminals and requested Township police and authorities to arrest the Conference gospel team.

6.  September 2004: Pr. Samuel Thein, the circle pastor of Kachin State, with the help of policemen and village chief padlocked the SDA worship house at Mayan Village despite heartfelt pleas by church members not to do so.

7.   October 5, 6, 2004: Tual Khan Mang, the church pastor at Sawbuayeshin submitted a written request to the village council and Township council for the closure of the church building and the church’s school.

8.   October 7, 2004: Tonzang church building was padlocked by the mission pastor Neng Khan Suan, following Pr. Kai Khan Khual’s (the Secretary of Upper Myanmar Local Mission) fax message on 4th October. (A fax copy was kept for documentary evidence).

9.  October 25, 2004: Pr. Min Lwin requested to Mayan Village Council to help protect the Mayan SDA worship house from the present use by the Conference group there for their worship purpose.(The whole Church of Mayan belong to the Conference group)

10. October 29, 2004: Pr. Muller Kyaw, MYUM President, sent a written request to the Chairman of Sawbuayeshin Village Council that he might dissolve the Conference group.

11.  November 22, 2004: Pr. Muller Kyaw submitted a written request to the Township Religious Director to dissolve the Conference group on criminal ground. (Copy of notarial translation of Elder Muller’s’ letter is attached)

12.  December 12, 2004: Pum Za Lian, a Mission loyalist who himself relayed publicly about his acceptance of 3 million kyats( 3000 US$) from Pr. Memory Tun, the Secretary of MYUM, padlocked the church at Pinlon, Kalemyo.

13.  February 12, 2005, July 19, and August of 2005: UMM leaders constantly submitted reports and requests to Township and District, even to the Central office of the SPDC that they might close down the churches of Conference groups and their Bible schools.

Due to this kind of offensive attacks by the MYUM/UMM, it was seen necessary to have a legal protection, therefore Mr. Cin Sian Pau (Conference group member) secured a certificate of membership in the Myanmar Biblical Christian Fellowship(MBCF). The Conference group’s association with MBCF has nothing to do with doctrinal disagreement with the world-wide Adventist church. Contrary to malicious rumors, the Conference group wholly embraces all fundamental doctrines of the Seventh-day Adventist church.

MBCF is the largest national Evangelical Fellowship in Myanmar and its basic stand is to encourage self-supporting, self-governing, and self-propagating efforts in ministry. (Dr. Michael Chong Luai, “Myanmar Theological Association,” MBCF 30th Anniversary Magazine, vol 1, 2005-2006, p. 112.)

   Kham Khen Pau, Vice-Chairman
   Myanmar Adventist Conference

March 5, 2006
Dear Sir,
1.     I had endeavored in church planting for five years on my own expenses and could established churches without any financial aid from the Mission. I love the church and its mission.
2.   I was one of the Conference promoters visiting from church to church. During my visits Mr. Biak Chawnna from a Lushai sub clan of the Chin wanted to know about privileges for them (job, positions, etc.) in exchange for their joining with the Conference group. Since it was only a promotion toward achievement of Conference status, frankly speaking, I could not assure and promise him of such things. The Lushai members were then reluctant to take part in this endeavor despite a few who actively participated in this movement.
3.   Regarding Mr. Kai Za Dal’s Leadership:
The Conference promotion was initiated by lay members. Since Mr. Kai Za Dal is an educated person with rich background of experience in denominational services, the lay people entrusted this auspicious task of leadership to him for the time being.
4.   SSD President Visit:
SSD President visited my church and gave a speech. At the end of his speech I requested to exchange my thanks for his visit, but even a single minute was not granted to me by the MYUM leaders who accompanied him. Therefore, till today, I am sure that he is not truly informed about the issue of our church.
May God bless each one of us that love may prevail in our beloved church.
Nang Chin Khen, Elder
Tahan (B) SDA Church

      Because of lack of love for souls, discriminations, attempts to destroy church members by might of the State, we are sure that the leadership denied any reformation in the church. I have no trust in them so we joined Conference groups. We enjoyed being a member of that group.
      Tuan Khan Cin, Elder
      SDA Church, Cikung

Reason why we are not willing to join MYUM/Upper Myanmar Mission:
1.     I believe growth is a Biblical mandate. Only about 20,000 Adventists in this Myanmar Union after 104 years indicates a very slow pace of growth. Therefore I believe a satisfactory level of growth will occur under the leadership of Conference.
2.   Conference status was officially applied since 1987. But MYUM leaders have never forwarded the proposals to the Division despite verbal promises. (They were not faithful to their promises). If a satisfactory level of growth does not occur under the leadership of Conference, I will be willing to join the Mission groups again.
         Lian Khaw Hau,
        Paangpi Quarter, Kalemyo


      Church buildings were dedicated to God for spiritual uplifting purpose. But the Mission leaders attempted to confiscate the churches by force so that no Conference members could worship in them. Bible schools operated by the Conference group were closed down by the MYUM/UMM leaders. To accomplish all these things they seek help from the local government authorities, and the police forces. God’s money was wasted for such attempts to destroy the Conference promotion instead of spending it in winning many lost souls. That is the reason why I have no trust in MYUM’s leadership and I could not support them.
      Name withheld


Dear Elder Sangchia,
      Great thanks to you for your love for us. During the Presidency of Pr. Thang Siangh in Upper Myanmar Local Mission, every church was assigned to conduct at least 15 evangelistic efforts. As the result, the membership of the church grew significantly. Unfortunately his term was cut short into only 2 years (before due date) by MYUM.

      A College level Bible school was inaugurated at Pyin Oo Lwin by mutual agreement between the Union and Mission Executive Committee during the leadership of Pr. Kham Khen Pau (the President) and Pr. Gin Lian Pau(the Education Director). But newly elected MYUM officers harshly enforced to close down the college contrary to their previous promises to recommend it to the SSD.

      Plus Two program (2 years pre-college program) was started in Anderson Adventist Seminary, Tedim, Chin State but terminated by Pr. Kenneth Suanzanang. Reach International Fund was diverted to another student from the original recipients merely because they belong to Conference group or attend the Revival meeting held by them. Conference promoters were disfellowship without sufficient reasons. Mission leadership has no qualm to tell lies in their attempt to destroy Conference aspiration.

      For these reasons I have no trust in MYUM/UMM leadership. So I joined the Conference group.

Pum Khan Kham
Pyidawtha SDA Church


      The Myanmar Adventist church had been operated under the administration of MYUM for more than a century now. The Union leadership has become more and more dictatorial, autocratic, and position seeking. MYUM employees were involved in unethical sideline business. Discrimination of social status, race, and cruelty has become the norm in dealing with members and in dealing with any issue in the church.
      The Conference is more spiritual, more supportive, less bureaucratic, and less dependent on Mission for ministry.
      For these reasons I joined the Conference group. I accept all 28 fundamental doctrines. I want to support the church, and be part of the world-wide church.
Name withheld


1.     Because of MYUM leaders’ constant attacks and false reports against Adventist members to government authorities. And also I did not see sufficient reasons to disfellowship more than 3500 Adventists just because they aspired to achieve Conference status.
2.   Because MYUM leaders arbitrarily closed down Bible schools that were operated by local churches.
      Name withheld


Attention:  GC leaders and SSD leaders
            C/o Elder Sangchia

Dear Sir,
1.     I and my family are SDA members who believe and hold 28 fundamental belief of SDA and we are happy attending Church services. At the beginning we were neither supporters of mission nor conference. But every Sabbath our church (Paangpi SDA Church, Kalay) pastor, mission workers and pro-mission members kept criticized Conference group from the pulpit, instead of preaching the gospel news. We attend to church regularly because we long to hear God’s words and not to hear criticism. It becomes irritating in our ears and this is the major turning point why we support Conference.

2.   Another reason is the mission church leaders instead of finding a solution to the current problem, they gave reports to the government offices to punish the pro-conference. I have a feeling that Church matter should be solved within the church alone and it should not be taken to the secular court or office. Because we (mission and conference) are one family, all are SDA members. Mission plus Conference is Seventh Day Adventists. I want you to let our MYUM/ UMM leaders understand about this. This kind of worldly action of our leaders make we, the lay members distrust on them.

3.   MYUM/ UMM leaders disband the Conference support churches and its members by announcing that only if you submit your tithe and offerings to Myanmar Union Mission, we will accept you again to the SDA organization. According to you, is this the way the SDA church leaders have to speak to their church members? We, pro-Conference have submitted faithfully our tithe and offerings to Conference churches and we want to handover these to the SDA organization(SSD), we the members do not have trust on the Myanmar Union Mission, so we had requested the SSD President to make a special arrangement for this purpose(to collect these) but so far it is not materialized. 

4.   Under the mission leadership, after 100 years of Adventist message spread in Myanmar there is only 24000 Adventists while other Christian denominations in Myanmar grow rapidly. This shows negligence from our church leaders or lack of motivation to the mission workers may be the leaders engaged more with other things and not to win many souls. I am not saying all but most of them. But there are handful mission workers who have sense of mission. By seeing this I feel that there is a need to change leaders and leadership style. That is why we support Conference.

5.   I strongly feel that SSD leaders open their ears only for MYUM/UMM and closed their ears for Conference group. Whenever SSD officials or leaders visit Myanmar, it is MYUM leaders who received them first from Yangon International Airport and entertain them and shown a good hospitality to them. But by receiving this kind of hospitality does not mean that SSD leaders should show partiality in their dealing with and in solving the current problem or issues of (Mission and Conference) in Myanmar. I want unity in the SDA organization in Myanmar and as a lay member my earnest request to SSD leaders is that “please act as a big brother in our SDA family of Myanmar and listen equally to both side stories without showing partiality. Because SSD leaders are God’s ordained ministers and you are not secular leaders, God gave you responsibilities to take care of us (His sheep) in a spiritual manner and not in a worldly manner. We Conference members and leaders have grieviances too and lend your ears to us. Don’t wash your hand in this problem, and be a Godly mediator. 

6.  We, the pro-conference about 3500 Adventist are disfellowship by the MYUM/UMM by saying that the world SDA organization has disfellowship you all. Is this true or false? After hearing messages from SDA members from many parts of the world praying for us (Conference members), I realized that it is MYUM who disfellowship us and not the world SDA organization. This is the way how MYUM leaders cheated on its fellow church members. This make me lost of trust on their leadership and I feel that MYUM/UMM leaders under-estimate conference members and think we are a fool. I feel this type of our church leaders let Satan rule their mind to divide God’s sheep and we the world SDA church need to pray hard for our Myanmar Union leaders so that the Holy Spirit should guide them in their action in accordance with God’s plan. 

7.   Instead of appreciating them, the pensions of three retired MYUM Pastors, Pr. Daniel Nangno, Pr. Thang Khan Dal and Pr. Lal Kho Pau were cut off for five months as a punishment by MYUM/UMM leaders on the ground that they support Conference group and in order not to deviate to other denomination, they take care of the spiritual life of about 3500 Adventists disfellowship by their shepherds (MYUM/UMM leaders). These pastors have served the church faithfully for more than 30 years and they are genuine servants of God. 

8.   I also want the SSD leaders to aware that Upper Myanmar (Kalay Myo) is not a restricted zone; many missionaries from other denominations came to this place freely. There are flights every week and it is not a risky town to conduct a dialogue for reconciliation with both the parties (mission and conference). It may not be a fun to arrange this kind of dialogue but it is a necessity for church’s unity and if you have a sense of mission and feel sorry for the 3500 precious souls disfellowship by the MYUM, kindly arrange for reconciliation.

9.  MYUM President has confessed his fault in the election of 2001 and 2003 by circulating a pamphlet among the SDA Churches. If any of the SDA church members make a mistake or committed a sin, action is taken by the church by giving punishment (eg. Disciplinary action according to the situation) but why this is not apply on our MYUM President because he conducted wrong election intentionally, this is against the policy of the SDA Church. I wonder why punishment is applied only on lay members or ordinary mission workers and not on church leaders of Myanmar. The problem (Mission and Conference) begins mainly with wrong election conducted by MYUM President and he is the culprit so why are we still keeping him as MYUM President?

10. Last, but not the least, I would like to mention that I and my fellow conference members are not interested in other denomination. We will remain faithful in Seventh-day Adventist Church Organization, even though MYUM/UMM leaders have disfellowship us. We pray to God in unity and have a strong believe that our names are not erased in the Book of Life in God’s Kingdom.

                  Mr. Neng Hau Thang
                  Paangpi SDA Church, Kalay Myo

1.     MYUM Mission leaders lack love for souls.
2.   MYUM/UMM leaders grossly violated the SSD Working Policies.
3.   Relentless efforts to stamp out the Conference promoters by reporting them to all levels of government authorities and to criminal courts.
Vungh Za Do
Myothit, Kalemyo


From Paangpi Church

1.     Discriminations of social status and racism within MYUM/UMM leadership.
2.   MYUM Mission workers taunted church members that their salary will not be reduced or cut off even if all the church members stop supporting them with their tithe and offerings because they are supported by the Division and the GC (this shows their uncaring attitude upon God’s flock and it also shows their lust for position and power).
3.   Pastors never visited church members who needed spiritual care.
4.   Discrimination by MYUM/UMM in disbursing the Reach International fund.
5.   In Contrary to dictatorial leadership of Mission leaders, there is a shared responsibility within the members in Conference leadership.

Zam Khan Khup
Paangpi SDA Church



      I and my family joined the Conference group solely because the Mission leaders are too cruel and autocratic in dealing with members and in handling problems of the church.

      Sian Khan Mang
      Elder of Cikung SDA Church


1.     I conducted evangelistic meeting at Khaikam village in 1997 and 30 souls were converted. 22 souls were converted in Saikhua village, in July 23, 2000; 6 souls in Myaungsong village in 12/5/2002; 6 souls in Pyinkhonggyi in 12/5/2005; 12 souls in Kanmagyi village in 8/4/2004; 8souls in Zozang village in 12/5/2002; and 7 souls in Indaingale village in 10/5/2005.

2.   Mission workers tried to take credit for themselves for the results of my evangelism and told the newly converted souls that they will not be saved unless they belong to the Mission.

3.   Ordained ministers in UMM refused to officiate baptismal rites to people who have been won to Christ as the result of evangelistic meetings conducted by Conference group. Not only did they refuse to officiate baptismal services, they condemned me for performing baptismal services for souls who have been won to Christ.

      Mr. Hmun Ling
      Lay Evangelist



1.     UMM leaders publicly promised to step forward for achieving conference status by letter (circular dated 18/7/2003) and verbally on 24/8/2003, but acted contrary to their own promises by attacking the Conference promoters.

Min Lwin, UMM President circulated a letter that appeal for unity for the achievement of conference status on January 6, 2005. But he himself led to vote for disbandment of his sheep three times.

2.   Mission leaders violated policies

Local Mission leaders and MYUM leaders circulated a message of regret for their mistakes they have done ( by Kenneth Suanzanang on 18/7/2003, by Min Lwin on 6/1/2006, and by Pr. Muller Kyaw on 31/10/2005) but they took a firm stand against members till today.

3.   They haven’t shown their love toward their sheep. They disbanded their sheep three times instead of winning them back to the fold with love.

4.   Mission workers locked up church buildings and closed down Bible schools at the following places:
1.     Pinlong – Kalaymyo
2.   Mayan Village, Moekaung Township, Kachin State
3.   Teinkayah, Tamu Township (Mission leaders reported to the government authorities and then it was closed down.
4.   Khampat Town, Tamu District (the same case with that of Theinkayah)

5.   MYUM/UMM Leaders always gave warning to any mission worker who merely sympathizes Conference group.

6.  MYUM/ UMM withheld money for retirement fund for Pr. Daniel Nangno, a retiree of MYUM Ministerial Dept. Secretary, and Lal Khaw Pau for five months merely because they joined the Conference group.

7.   Mission leaders refused to disburse Reach Fund to recipients who merely belong to Conference group, and transferred the money to the account of their favored students. Before disbursement of funds a recantation or an affidavit from the recipients is required to prove that he or she is pro-mission.

8.   Mission pastors demand rebaptism as a condition for the Conference group in order to join back with UMM/MYUM. This condition is bereft of Biblical justification.

9.  Mission pastors preached that God no longer judge people on the basis of the Ten Commandments but He directly judge against the Conference groups as He did in the time of Moses.

10. Pr. Zen Do Lian heralded that the Conference promoters will not be saved by God. 

11.  Mission leaders gave false informations to foreign missionaries about Kalemyo as a restricted area so that they could not visit churches up there. But Kalaymyo is one of the tourist centers in Myanmar hosting many foreigners from other Christian denominations.

Eg: Elder Don Forkenberg came to visit Kalemyo in 2001. But MYUM personnels diverted his trip. The excuse was that there was “no flight”. But there were four flights in a week to Kalemyo.

                                          Kai Lun Mang
                                          Pinlon-Kalemyo SDA Church



1.     The Myanmar SDA Conference abides by the GC Guidelines in all manner of Beliefs and Practices, and adheres to the worldwide SDA Church. This is its passion, its lifestyle plus.

2.   It is good, and it is better, and still it is best, to encourage members to make necessary changes as per policy and method, to meet the challenges of current trend of evangelization, rather than intimidating, evil surmising, condemning, threatening, and even anathemizing those who aspire to a more concerted move. The Myanmar SDA Church has so many things to update to be counted as a working church.

            “For who hath despiseth the day of small things?”
Perfection and sufficiency seldom or never comes or happens overnight.

3.   Why does the Myanmar Union of SDAs detest Self-supporting scheme? The answer is lurking in the question below- No. 4 .

4.   One of our Division Presidents asked one of our former Myanmar Union President if he would like to rejoin the Southern Asia Division – at least twice.

5.   To feel complacent with an almost stalemate success is alarming. It will spell a crime to neglect opportunities for progress and success.

6.  President Dr. Otis C. Edwards dropped a few meaningful worlds for us just prior to his permanent return home –

            “Attempt to attain to a Union Conference Status by year 2000.”
      I feel condemned, and ashamed, because year 2000 had swung away 6 years ago.   And we appear retrograde or stand-still.

                                                      Name withheld



Application for conference status was submitted to the Division(FED) through the proper channel in 1987, and in 1992. But the Union objected.
In 7th January 2003, about 2500 member of Adventist in Upper Myanmar discussed for the achievement of conference status. As the result of three full days meeting they voted to submit an application for Conference status.

In 29th April, 2003 Dr. GT Ng encouraged to proceed it through the UMM EC and lay unitedly.

In 22-25th September 2003 SSD President Elder Gulfan, Jr. also encouraged and gave instruction positively toward the achievement of Conference status. Pr. Kai Khan Khual the Secretary of Upper Myanmar Local Mission publicly promised to the audience (about 300) that he himself will take necessary steps toward Conference status.

January 1, 2004. UMM EC voted to disfellowship the leaders of the Conference Planning Committee as their first step of offensive attack against the Conference. It was known as Vote No. 011-015-2004.

April 7, 2003 UMM-EC voted (No 2004-017, 018) to disfellowship or disband the Conference groups. Territorial assignment for the implementation was as follows:

Pr. Min Lwin to initiate all necessary actions against them in Tonzang district

Pr. Kai Khan Khual in Kale and Tamu district

Pr. Suak Khaw Ngin in Tiddim district

21/5/2004 Gospel Teams of Conference were reported to village Council of SPDC at Zampi village that they might be fined 50,000 Ks. But God intervened to protect us in time.

24/5/2004. 8:00pm: Mission pastor Neng Khan Suan agitated village authorities to fine the Conference gospel team at Zampi village and again threatened the Gospel team to be killed in Cikha.

7/10/2004 Tonzang church building was locked down by the circle pastor. He also reported us to be criminal victims to the Township Police and to the Military Intelligence, and to the Township SPDC that might imprisoned us or severely fine.

12/12/2004 Pinlon-Kalay church building, and school building were padlocked and watched day and night by Pum Za Lian. But it was re-opened on 24/12/2004 by the order of the Chairman of Township Council.


1. 30/7/2004: Van Pe Oo a mission employee now in the Union office and Gin Do Pau, the church pastor, requested the Ward authorities of Kalaymyo town to grant them authority to take over all the said building.

2. 4,5,6/10/2004: Gin Do Pau, repeatedly submitted a request to local civil authorities that they might grated him to take over and control the Church building at Sawbuayeshin.  

3. 22/11/2004: MYUM President Pr. Muller Kyaw submitted a written request to the Township Director of Religious Affair in Kalemyo that he might fine and dissolve the Conference groups, as the victims of religious criminals.” 

4. 6/2/2005: Mission leadership submitted a request to the Township Council that they might dissolve the Conference along with their church schools.

5. 7/2/2005: The UMM officers requested the Government authorities that the school buildings and church buildings, and telephone might be taken up by the state.

6. 8/2/2005: Gin Do Pau repeatedly submitted reports against the Conference.

7. 9/2/2005: Pr. Suak Khaw Ngin, the Edu. Dir. of UMM submitted a request to the Township and District councils of Tiddim, Kale, and Tamu that they might close down all the church schools of the Conference groups. (As the result two Elementary Bible schools at Khampat Town and Teinkayah village are being closed down by local authorities)

8. 12/5/2005: Pr. Lal Chawnna, the Circle pastor of Tamu district, accompanied by the village chief and the Township Police went to Yangngophai (Yee Aye village) to dismantle the church building there.

9. 19/7/2005: Using an artificial document to be from the Central State Peace and Development Council, Pr. Kai Khan Khual, Pr. Myin Lwin, Pr. Suak Khaw Ngin, and Pr. Ngin Do Pau falsely accused us at the District Council office to be victims of criminal trespass.

10. 18/8/2005: MYUM/UMM leadership again submitted a report against the Conference to be criminal trespass of church buildings, and their related compounds. Authorities concerned assigned the Divisional personnel’s to inquire about it. As the result we were summoned for hearing.

11. 2/11/2005 We are again summoned by the government authorities to appear and gave oral defense before the Chairman of Township Council, the District Council, the District Attorney, the Township Religious Affairs, and District Police officers due to mission leaders’ false accusations us of religious criminals who have been expelled from churches and schools for liable of punishment. But thanks to the Lord for He was our Rock for refuge in times of need.


1.     They disfellowship Conference group three times.
2.   Promotion of position of in cash was practices toward workers outstanding in against the Conference.
3.   Destroyed ATI with the expenses about 20 million kyats of God’s money.
4.   No social services to members who belong to conference.
5.   Reach International Fund was being cut off to recipient students who belong to Conference.
6.  Refused to accept church chosen delegates from Conference churches against SSD Working Policies on Receiving Representatives and despite of SSD instruction to invite and all churches regardless of Conference or Mission for 2006 UMM Session. (Eg: Chantagyi and Pyidawtha B, Yangngophai etc..)
7.   An ordained Minister heralded that Conference should not be welcome in the house of Missions.


1.     They make Tithe as test of fellowship against the Church Manual
2.   They proclaimed that Conference will not be saved by God.
3.   They preached that God never judges accordingly to the law but directly.
4.   They accused that conference groups are God’s enemies

    For theses reasons I and my family have no trust in the Leadership of MYUM and UMM. Therefore will not return to the Mission, but remain faithful to all the Fundamental Doctrines of SDA, it Organizations, its by laws, and mission of the Church.

   Thang Za Pau, Ex Elder,
  Pinlon-Kalay SDA Church


My Position:

1.     I accept the 27 fundamental believes, the Church Manual, Bylaws and Constitution, and the SOP, and etc.,
2.   I want to support the world church with my tithe and offerings. I strongly disappointed to support MYUM/UMM because they spent God’s money for Court expenses against their sheep.
3.   I want to share my tithe and offerings that due to the world church via SSD.
4.   As MYUM/UMM acted violently toward us, we stop to support them financially.
5.   We registered in MBCF only for one year (2005) because of MYUM/UMM constantly reported against us to the government.
6.  Since baptismal services were refused to us by the mission leaders, ordained elders were authorized to perform or officiate it.

      Langh Khan Suan, Elder,     
Pinlon, Kalaymyo SDA Church



1.     MYUM/UMM leaders intentionally violated SSD policy in 2001 and 2003 election.

2.   Only pro-mission delegates were received by the leaders at the UMM Triennial Session January 18-21, 2006.

3.   Pastors claimed that though all members stop financial support, they will not lose their salary. For this I lost my confidence and trust in them

4.   Adventists had been for more than a century in Myanmar with only over 20,000 memberships. Conference system is better than Mission for growth.

5.   A Mission pastors proudly heralded that he would rather have his neck cut if Conference group get salvation.

6.  Mission leaders submitted false information and accusations to the Central Government of Myanmar that they might dissolve us. It was contradicted with the teaching of Bible and Working Policies.

7.   Mission leaders withheld Reach International fund to recipient students merely because of joining the Conference group by their parents.

8.   Mission leaders withheld pension to Pr. D. Nangno and Let Kho Pau

9.  We lost trust and confident in the leadership because of their effort to imprison the leaders of the Conference group, and their attempt to locked up all the church buildings, and the schools.

10. In order to implement and fulfill their dream they plot to disband the leaders of Conference, by rejecting delegates duly elected by the local churches, and replacing them with their own selected pro-mission members in 2006.

11.  Since they have disbanded us we no longer have relation with them.

12.  We want to join any SDA organization except MYUM/UMM.
      Name withheld




Elder Sangchia,
      The Mission group treated us as Satanic, disbanded us twice in 2004, and 2006. During March 2006, they again forced us to sign for compliance with them. They misinterpreted us to be apostasy.
      There are 3390 faithful Conference Adventists, who are faithful to the 28 Fundamental doctrines of SDA. Yet why the MYUM leaders disbanded such volume of Adventist Christians. Would God be happy with this kind of things?
      Mission leaders acted like wolves in sheepskin. MYUM leaders cheated the GC leaders in such a way that in some cases MYUM applied new policies and rules to Conference group by saying “the new policy or rule is from GC”.
      I want to be part of the world church organization, but reluctant to be in UMM/MYUM leadership.
      Thang Khan Dal, Elder,
      Chanthagyi Church.


Dear Sir,  

      For more than 12 years since 1974, we have been under the leadership of Mission. During this course we have constructed two buildings for worship, 4 for church school, 5 for workers resident. All these buildings were built on self-supporting basis. That is one of the achievements due to the instruction given by the UMM/MYUM themselves.
      The only thing we want to request the higher leaders is for recognition of us as fellow Adventists.
      Name withheld



1.     The way they officiate in election of Upper Myanmar Local Mission was not in accordance with the policy.
2.   Debarment of pension/stipend for retirees.
3.   Their main task was to disband Adventists members who have not complied with their egoism.
4.   The way they disbursed Reach International Fund was questionable.
5.   UMM/MYUM have promoted to higher responsibilities for a mission worker who have outstanding performance in offensive action against Conference groups.
6.  Mission leaders are presumptuously kind enough to the SSD officers and the GC officers but behind the screen they brutally acted to their sheep.
7.   They disfellowship and terminated workers who are not yes man to them.
      Tual Lian Dal



1.     Mission leaders are not mature in their leadership. They are dictatorial, oppressive, and pessimistic in their actions.
2.   MYUM/UMM leaders have no vision for church growth. Had the leadership of Mission system be taken up by angels, there would not have been problems. But when it was taken up by man of such nature, it automatically turned out to be autocratic communism that caused thousands of souls perished in MYUM.
                  Thual Lian Thang


Dear Sir,

1.     Verbally, Mission leaders pretended to be supportive to Conference but they suppressed with might.
2.   They said that the Conference group will not be saved by God, or they would rather have their necks cut
3.   Mission group always try to disfellowship us.
4.   I wonder whether God discriminates Conference group and Mission group in heaven or not.
5.   Children of Conference group are not allowed in Mission operated Bible schools.
6.  Reach Fund was not disbursed to recipient students due to attending McNeilus Maranatha Christion College (MMCC), a layman operated college.
7.   Pr. Lian Khan Dal lied that the Conference group in Yangon already banded their movement since the Dorcas group there made a negotiation. Was it true or not?
8.   I belief that Only Adventist Church is a remnant church. I do not intend to join any other denomination at all.

      Cin Do Langh,


1.     MYUM is a Union mission for many years. Conference status is a desirable one and 18 out of 24 household in Chanthagyi support the Conference. We have been self-supporting for many years in operation of our church school, etc.
2.   Mission leaders in MYUM herald that Conference will not get into heaven. If so, does it mean that all conferences in other countries are subject to doom?
3.   Reach Fund was withheld to students of conference group.
4.   Mission Circle leader, Pr. Lian Khan Dal told us that merely receiving of the Conference leaders as a guest means committing a serious sin. But we always receive and treated Mission and Conference group alike.
5.   Mission groups raged battle against the Conference group in MYUM. Please grant us permission to reorganized so that misunderstanding between the two groups will be ceased and either group will not be disturbed.

      Name withheld


1.     That workers and lay could participate in ministry of the church hand in hand. Due to the fear of losing their position; MYUM leaders bribed Mission workers to take firm stand against the Conference status now.
2.   MYUM lost the love of God. Rather they are only eager to disfellowship souls for the sake of supporting Conference.
3.   MYUM leaders violated the SSD Working Policy in Sessions.
4.   We, Chanthagyi church desperately discouraged of the actions of mission leaders in MYUM for many reasons.

Eg: The Church pastor from the local mission allowed no one to occupy the pulpit or take part in Divine Service
Pr. Lian Khan Dal, the circle pastor heralded that grant to take part in church service to the Conference group meant serious sin. Even receiving of their leaders as a guest also is a serious sin. We would like to know whether such kind of teaching is biblical and Is this kind of teaching good to be entertained by Christian or not?



1.     As the MYUM leaders threatened us to be disfellowship for supporting the Conference, we are enforced by the mission leaders to sign a form for a firm stand for the mission, and otherwise local church properties will be confiscated by the Mission group.
2.   Racial discrimination is clearly seen through the actions of our mission pastors and the mission employees.
3.   We have been operating a primary school for several years. We sent our tithe to the local Mission.
4.   We prefer the Conference to Mission.

      Name withheld


1.     That the Mission leaders said that Conference status is impossible in MYUM
2.   That Mission leaders could spend more money in divisive measure or seeking mission loyalists.
3.   We, the mission group are being supplied everything we need to fight against the Conference aspiration.
4.   Even the SSD leaders believed everything what our pastor (mission employees) relayed to them about the Conference group. Thanks for it, for we always are on the winners’ side.
5.   Since, we, the mission side, by the help of the government, the SSD, and MYUM are sure that Conference status will never be achieved or recognized.

      Name withheld


1.     The Mission leaders cancelled Reach fund to the Conference group, then they transferred it for the students who are pro-mission.
2.   Mission workers who support to get Conference status are terminated from their denomination service.
3.   Pension of two retirees was cut off by the Mission leaders due to their support in Conference group.
4.   MYUM/UMM leaders repeatedly violate the SSD Policy and Church Manual intentionally.
5.   Local Church operated bible schools are closed down by the mission leaders. They threatened that such schools which joined the conference group will be closed down by the government.
6.  The Mission leaders publicly heralded that failure to submit the tithe and offerings to the mission alone will result in lost of salvation.
7.   The Mission leaders heralded that the Conference movement is a Satanic or a rebellion against God and it is like Korah, Dathan, and Abiram.
8.   Baptismal services for Conference members were refused by the Mission leaders.
9.  The Mission pastors and leaders refused to visit Conference members and they failed to strengthen the weak.
10. For these reasons mentioned above, I am sure that the Mission leadership is always pessimistic to church growth while the Conference leadership encouraged to involve more lay members in ministry. Therefore I join the Conference group.

      Mr. Song Khan Zam
      Head Deacon, Chanthagyi.

Dear Sir,

      I have been in SDA church for 44 years now. I accept the 66 books of the Bible, the 28 Fundamental Doctrines of SDA church, EGWhite writings as SOP, the SDA Church Manual, and, Working Policies.

      MYUM leadership is not trustworthy. It is like Saul of OT time that was jealous to David.

My Request:

      MYUM has been under Mission leadership for more than 100 years having about 24000 members. Since Conference status is one of the administrative goal of SDA church, I see the need of a paradigm shift in leadership style and ministry for the advancement of the gospel in Myanmar.
                                                Elder Sian Cin Zam



1.     Mission leaders harshly destroyed ATI kitchen, threatened students’ parents and mission employees that if their children attend the Adventist Theological Institute (ATI), they will be dealt with a serious action.
2.   Mission leaders refused to comply with the SSD Policy in Sessions (Eg: 2001, 2003, and 2006).
3.   One of a Mission pastor had secretly plot to place narcotic drugs and explosive weapon in the compound of Mr. Kai Za Dal (Conference President), and then he plan to submit a report to the government official so that he might be arrested as a victim of treason.

      Name withheld



1.     Conference status was supported by lay members and mission workers alike at the time of the SSD President visit to Kalaymyo in 2003. But Mission leaders extremely against the Conference group again and MYUM leaders are not faithful to their words and promises, they are liar.
2.   Sabbath School quarterlies were discarded to Conference group. And pension was cut off for five months to Pr. Daniel Nangno, a retired MYUM Ministerial Dept. Director
3.   Mission workers who are being neutral in this issue were wrongly accused for their support to the Conference group. As a punishment, some of the conference support mission workers were transferred to the remote areas without transfer allowances.
4.   Mission leaders threatened their fellow employees that their services will be terminated if their children attend the Adventist Theological Institute (ATI).

      .   Name withheld


      Paangpi Church was organized into a church right after a series of evangelistic meeting conducted by Pr Thang Siangh, the Union Evangelist, in 1987. The present location of the church was donated by elder Khual Za Nang in 4/6/1988. A two storey building was constructed by the help of Mr. Kap Khan Hau(Ks 30,000), and ADRA(50,000).
      As it could no longer accommodate the increasing membership and students, a new building was erected by the donation of Mr. Kap Lian Thang( Ks. 73.95 millions), Khual Za Nang, Kap Khan Hau from the Conference group and Nang Khan Cin (zinc for roofing), Sian Suan Pau( a meter box), and Pau Suan Mung(all the pews in the church).
      Now we the pioneer donors of the said building are being disfellowship and are not allowed to worship in it without sufficient reasons.

Sdxxxxxx xxxxxx  Sdxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Sd xxxxxxxxxxxxx  Sd xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Niing Lun Mang Khual Za Nang Zam Khan Khup Khup Ngaih Thang,
Remark:  Picture of the new Church building and list of donation attached as 29A,B,C



1.     I was a Mission employee in UMM, with 15 years of denominational service.
2.   I attended ATI to upgrade my education. My daughter also attended ATI since 2000. As MYUM leaders launched operation against Conference in 2002, those who have sympathy and remain to be neutral in this issue were seriously dealt with (termination from employment). I was transferred to a remote area on my own expense merely because of showing sympathy to Conference group. Again, the UMM leaders blamed me of allowing my daughter to serve in the local church Primary Bible School which is run by Conference promoters. Then my service was terminated by UMM.
3.   Such kind of MYUM leadership is not spiritual. I have no trust in them, and no more willingness to be an employee under their leadership.

Some important points:

1.     MYUM/UMM officially inaugurated ATI in 1998. But hastily closed down by force in 2002 despite of improving it. They are not truthful to their promises.
2.   UMM President, Kenneth Suanzanang, threatened and bribed (by giving 15,000 Kyats) the students to stop attending ATI .
3.   Mission leaders submitted false accusations about the Conference promoters and Mr. Kai Za Dal to the government authorities so that they might stamped out the Conference and locked him up.
4.   Mission leaders paid divisive visits to local churches (to discourage and to divide church members).
5.   Mission leaders did not allow conference students to attend mission operated schools
6.  Although MYUM/UMM leaders presumptuously expose themselves to be supportive verbally by saying had it were through the proper channel we would have been support it , but they stubbornly refused to fill up the Self study form for Conference Status.
7.   Leaders of Conference group are firstly disfellowshipped in 2004, and then disband the Conference members twice in 2004, and 2006.
      Due to these kind actions done by Mission leaders I have no trust in their leadership. But I accepted all the 28 doctrines of SDA.

      Thawng Za Hau


1.     I have been in SDA for 45 years. I have never experienced any discrimination between Mission and Conference.
2.   As the Mission operated schools rejected admission to my children because my children hold transfer Certificates from a self-supporting school (Conference’s operated bible schools), I have no choice but to admit them in the nearest Government School. I am facing a problem now because they have to attend classes on Sabbath.
3.   Again, the mission leaders disfellowship us. I was confused about the Mission or the Conference. Were the Conference people not Seventh-day Adventists? I am neither a mission nor a Conference loyalist but a Seventh-day Adventist Christian.
      Name withheld


1.     Growth in the Mizoram Conference is a practical instance for MYUM in church growth.
2.   For this reason, I prefer Conference system to Mission
3.   The Lord will be happy in soul winning than disbandment of thousands without proper reasons.
4.   I want to see and feel love and unity in church leadership. Without it racial discriminations prevailed in the church administration.
5.   Giving would rather expand the kingdom of God than receiving.
6.  For these reasons I want to support Conference leadership to enlarge the tent of God.

      Thuam Go Nang



1.     MYUM leaders created a debarment policy against the Spicer Memorial College (SMC) graduates in early 90s. Most of the SMC graduates were from Upper Myanmar. They have to produce a Ministerial Training Certificate in order to be eligible for church employment. This shows discrimination practiced by MYUM leaders.
2.   There are only about 20,000 memberships in more than a century. A radical change or paradigm change is deeming necessary for church growth. Some workers heralded that although the present members are completely disbanded from the church their monthly salaries would not be decreased or deducted. This is a symptom of lack of love for soul but love for money.
3.   The Union leaders enforced the lays and Upper Myanmar Local Mission to close down the Adventist Theological Institute (ATI) whose main objective is to reach the unreached, ATI was closed down by the MYUM/UMM leaders after it had been operated successfully for five years.
4.   Foreigner missionaries who want to support the ministry in Upper Myanmar were debarred by MYUM leaders with unreliable excuses by saying that there was no flight to there. Despite, other denominations could stay for one month in Upper Myanmar.
5.   Mission leaders’ main interest is buildings, (material objects) rather than souls. They tried to take over all church buildings but disbanded thousands of precious souls who are the real owner of such buildings. For these reasons, we have no trust in them as spiritual leaders.
6.  Regarding to Mr. Kai Za Dal, since he is an educated person who has experience of denominational service for years, he was requested to take up the leadership task in the Conference for the time being.

Name withheld
      Tahan South SDA Church




1.     Only more than 20,000 members in MYUM after 100 years of Adventists Churches established in Myanmar. It shows something had been wrong with the leadership.
2.   Mission leadership only interested in receiving tithe and offering from members. They threatened members to disfellowship if they refuse to support them with tithe.
3.   Leaders live in luxurious life than nurturing their sheep.
4.   Selecting church representative in elections had not been in accordance with the SSD Working Policy and the Church Manual.
5.   Pr. Kai Khan Khual, the secretary of Upper Myanmar, publicly promised to proceed the proposals and self-study form for Conference status to the Union, but denied to fulfill his promise.
6.  Mission leaders refused me to talk with the SSD President when he visited Tahan (B) church, Kalay.
7.   Mission leaders bribed Pum Za Lian (Mission member) to fight the Conference group.
8.   Tahan Circle pastor and his team came to lock up the church buildings and schools. These buildings are neither solidly owned by the Upper Myanmar nor Myanmar Union. But they were dedicated to God for worshipping purposes (to be used by church members of Conference and Mission).
9.  We are hurt by such endeavors to confiscate the local church owned buildings (at Tonzang, Teinkayah, and Khampat) by the Mission leaders
10. Sabbath School quarterly was withheld to the Conference group by the leaders of Upper Myanmar Mission.
11.  Children of Conference members were not allowed to attend mission operated schools.
12.  Racial discrimination is practiced in Myanmar Union Adventist Seminary (MUAS), Myaungmya.



Dear fellow believers,

      Be it known that we, more than 3500 Adventists who advocate Conference status, are sincere Christians and we request you to remember us in your prayer so that God will open a way that the true image of us may be seen by all.

      Name withheld

March 15, 2006


1.     Achievement to Conference status is our goal. It is neither for racial aspiration nor prejudices. It is for the growth of the church that all tribal groups are inclusive.
2.   Mr. Kai Za Dal, is an educated person with experience of denominational service. He was requested to resume the responsibility to lead us. He accepted it reluctantly since there is no other choice for him.
3.   During my visit to churches on Conference, several Mizo were inquiring whether they would be granted position when Conference status is officially approved by World SDA Organization. I only explained about that we are just promoting toward achievement of Conference status. Distribution of such positions will be up to the nominating committee. Since then the Mizo group were reluctant to take part in this endeavor despite of some Mizo take part in this endeavor.

      Nang Chin Khen

March 13, 2006

1.     Adventist Theological Institute (ATI) was open for the Upper Myanmar with mutual consent between the Union and the Local Mission. The Union leaders arbitrarily closed down the Institute by saying that the SSD asked to do so. Pr. Kham Khen Pau and Pr. Gin Lian Pau were seriously dealt with by Mission and Union leaders merely because of their support of such good thing (the ATI).
2.   Conference supporters were falsely labeled as apostasies, heresies of the church subject to be disfellowship from the church.
3.   Mission leaders always tried to confiscate church building of the conference regardless of local church owned.
4.   Mission leaders falsely accused and continuously reported their fellow members (the conferences), and the gospel team as a criminal victim so that government officials might imprisoned and punished them severely.
5.   Mission leaders refused to comply with SSD Policies in Sessions.
6.  Mission leaders gave false information about the Conference on giving tithe and offering despite MYUM’s failure to fulfill their promises given to the church.
7.   MYUM/UMM leaders are always destructive to any church growth.
8.   Due to these kinds of brutalities, the ministries of the church were despised and embarrassed.

      Ngennung SDA Church,
      Teddim Township, Chin State

March 25, 2006           
Dear Elder Sangchia,

a.  We are Seventh-day Adventists who accept the 28 Fundamental Doctrines of SDA Church, SDA Church Manual.
b.  MYUM has been under the Mission system for more than 100 years. We have experienced the advantages and disadvantages of present administration of MYUM leaders.
c.    We support the Conference group for we felt the need of a paradigm shift in leadership in Myanmar.
                                                Sakollam SDA Church


1.     I live in Lezang village. Thirty-three out of 120 households in this village are Adventists.
2.   I knew the Conference and Mission systems of SDA only in 1987 when pastors and elders of churches in Upper Myanmar Local Mission met in Mandalay to discuss and submit an application of Conference status to the Division. It was interesting to me.
3.   Again in 2003 lay members discussed about the Conference status. But the Union and the Local Mission leaders visited churches to resist against the Conference status.
4.   In April 2004, the Mission leaders were more serious in dealing with the Conference. Pr. Suak Khaw Ngin, Education Director of UMM, came to my church and disfellowship 48 church members of good standing, merely because of their support to the Conference. This is done by the vote of only 24 members but Pr. Suak Khaw Ngin falsely recorded this as if it were voted by the majority (105 members out of 153) of church members. That was not only a misuse of the Church’s authority but also a violation of the Ten Commandments that forbids false witness against others.
5.   The Mission leaders demanded rebaptism in order to re-admit the Conference group to the Mission church: only after the candidate submits an application for remittance, acceptance into membership should be done by rebaptism.
6.  Although we are not officially recognized as a unit now, I would rather remain faithful in SDA church(Conference) till we are recognized.

      Thang Do Pau
      Elder of Lezang SDA Church

March 4, 2006(Saturday)

      With my family, we accept all the Fundamental Doctrines of SDA church. We preferred the Conference leadership to mission leadership. We experienced more spiritual improvements in Conference leadership. That’s the reason why we joined it and have never intended to return to the mission leadership. May God bless all to be optimistic regarding my decision.

      Do Khawl Vung


Dear Elder Sangchia,

      I accept all the 27 Believes and the policies of the SDA church. I experience many improvements and growth in spiritual life among our church members after I joined the Conference group. There is loving care and warmly fellowship in it. I knew there is no love for souls in the leadership of MYUM/UMM. It is doubtful how the Great commission could be accomplished without love for souls.
      For this I am disappointed with the MYUM leaders.

      Name withheld


      Lack of love is evidenced in the leadership of MYUM/UMM: their refusal to provide Sabbath School quarterlies to the Conference group by the Upper Myanmar was one of the indications that they have no qualities of spiritual leadership. We are SDA, and we never committed any apostasy on the doctrines of SDA church, the SOP, Church Manual, and Policies of the GC.
      I hope God will send someone to take care of us so that we will be in line with the world church of SDA. May it be known to whole world that the Mission groups and the Conference group in Myanmar Union press on together to accomplish the great mission instead of disturbing each other.
Name withheld



1.     I and my family faithfully accept the 28 Believes of SDA church, the SOP, and all levels of Adventist church organization.
2.   I see that the gospel mission will be more fruitful in Myanmar through the leadership of the Conference because evangelistic meetings are conducted through the participation of lay members. But the present leaders of MYUM/UMM lost love for souls and sense of mission.
3.   Therefore I decided to be under the leadership of Conference group. But I want to be under a Union, Division, and the GC. I do not hate MYUM/UMM personally but could not support their leadership due to the mentioned reasons.

                                                Sian Khat Mung and family


Dear Elder Sangchia,.

1.     We accept all the Fundamental Believes of SDA Doctrines, and the SDA working policies. My spiritual life is strengthened after I joined the Conference group.
2.   Regarding MYUM, I felt that there is no love in their administration and no sense of mission in their leadership.
3.   I have decided to be faithful to Conference Leadership (SDA) that the gospel might be expanded to the unreached in a powerful way.
Name withheld

March 4, 2006

Dear Sir,

      I and my family members accept all the 28 fundamental doctrines of SDA church. We, Conference supporters have a separate worship service from the central church of Yangon and I feel in our church there is more spiritual life in compare to the central church of Yangon. So I will be faithful SDA with the Conference group. I will pray to God that the MYUM/UMM leaders and the Conference group may have reconciliation for unity. May God bless you.

      Sincerely yours
      Kham Sian Cing



1.     Mission leaders preached that those who denied to submit tithe to the UMM/MYUM will not be saved by God while they themselves disobeyed the biblical teaching in their dealing about the issues of the church (1Cor 6:1-8) by reporting their fellow church members to government officials and unethically denied to comply with the Church Manual and the Working Policies of the SSD. This indicates lack of spiritual leadership qualities in them.
2.   Therefore I have no confidence, trust, and credibility in the leadership of UMM/MYUM and also they have no love for souls and no sense of mission.


1.     MYUM had celebrated its centennial Jubilee. The Conference movement was begun by God for the advancement of ministry. We began to have a separated worship service in 2003.
2.   As we have a separated worship, we, Conference group could reach the unreached individuals.
3.   Every member could take part in ministry: priesthood of all believers could be practically applied.
4.   Regular attendance of worship services by every member.
5.   I believe that God allows the Conference promoters for spiritual revival in Myanmar   Union.
6.  I and my family accept all the 28 doctrines of SDA Church. We respect the voice of GC and Division.
7.   I did not see any ground to disfellowship Conference promoters because both of the pro-Missions and pro-Conference people are Adventists. I believe that God is guiding us.

      Cin Sian Pau, MA(Theo)


Dear Sir,

      We accept all the doctrine of the SDA church, its teachings, and Ellen G. White writings. We do join the Myanmar Adventist Conference (MAC) because of we felt that there is no love for souls in the leadership of MYUM and UMM.
      We are happy of being a member of the Conference group and enjoyed worship services. We support the Division, but not the present leadership of MYUM and UMM.
      Name withheld


      We accept all the fundamental believes of SDA, the Church Manual, and the Working Policies of SDA Church with highest regards to the church as a living and working agency for Christ.
      Because of lack of love for more than 3000 souls, lack of sense of mission, and unfaithfulness to policies and bylaws of the church I have no trust in the present leadership of Myanmar Union and Upper Myanmar Local Mission.
      But I am willing to support the church with my tithe and offerings
      Pau Kap Thang, BA, MDiv


Dear Sir,

      I and my household accept the 28 doctrinal believes of SDA church, the SDA organization, and the SOP. The reason why we are not willing to return to the MYUM and UMM is that they have no love for souls.
      We want to be part of any unit of SDA organization except the present leadership of MYUM and UMM.

      Miss Muang Hoih



      Eg: Pr. Muller Kyaw confirmed the disbandment of the seventeen churches just right after he publicly confessed his mistakes regarding the election in 2001, and 2003.
      Sabbath School Quarterlies were withheld; MYUM/UMM leaders treated us as enemies and they always reported church members to all levels of government authorities, and criminal courts. They have shown partiality in dealing with churches of the same case: No action was taken against one of a local SDA church in Yangon that withhold and disbursed tithes and offerings according to their own decision for more than a decade while the MYUM accused wrongly to Conference group in many ways.


1.     I and the disbanded 17 churches accept all the Fundamental Doctrines of the SDA church, and E G White Writings.
2.   We are sure that the actions of MYUM against the Conference have no effect to the matter of our salvation.
3.   Preaching the three angels’ message in Myanmar is my main concern.
4.   Therefore I do hope God will help us grow to be a missionary force.

      Mr. Khup Lam Thang
      Myanmar Adventist, Yangon



1.     MYUM/UMM leaders have no respect to SDA Church Manual, and SSD Working Policies. They have no love for souls.
2.   I felt love and care to individual believers after joining Conference group. Spiritually I am happier with Conference group.
3.   I accept the Fundamental doctrines of SDA church, the SOP, and all the policies.


1.     The un-negotiatable and reconcilable two groups can not live in one apartment.
2.   Achievement toward Conference status has been an aspiration of members in Upper Myanmar Adventists since 1987.
3.   I accept the 27 Believes, Policies, and SOP of SDA church. I am not intending to join any other denomination.
4.   I want the Division and the GC to look after us in spiritual matters. In case of any failure of care by the SSD, and GC, I know God still loves me and am sure he will provide spiritual nourishments to us for our spiritual survival.
5.   I have no trust in the leadership of MYUM and UMM because they have been divisive in actions and shown no love for souls.

      Mr. Kham Sian Kim

February 26, 2006

Elder Sangchia,

   With my family I accept the 28 doctrines of SDA church, the Church Manual, Policies, and E G White’s writings. I have nothing to blame about SDA, but the leadership of Myanmar Union on the ground that they have no love for us.
   So I would rather be under the leadership of other Union in SSD. I enjoyed being one of the Conference group members. May the Holy Spirit guide Myanmar Union.

      Name withheld
Dear Sir,
   Sense of belonging, assurance of God’s love for individual soul and many other new experiences are obtained by joining the Conference group in Yangon. With lively worship services and fellowship on Sabbath day are what I had never tasted in the mission group. It was only through the hearing the word of God in Conference worship services.
      Name withheld
Dear Sir,
      Due to the dictatorial leadership of MYUM and UMM, I and my family joined the Conference group. We never intended to join any other denomination, but will remain faithful to the SDA church doctrinally and organizationally.
      I want to join any organization of SDA church except present leaders of MYUM and UMM that fraud and acted brutally against its members
   Name withheld
      Though we are disfellowshiped by the Upper Myanmar Mission due to their lost of love for souls and failure to negotiate with members, we still accepted the 27 Fundamental Doctrines of SDA church, the Church Manual, and the Working policies.
      I want to be under the leadership of Union, Division, and GC but not of the present MYUM and UMM.
Name withheld
Elder Sangchia,
   I accept all the 27 doctrines and E G Whites teachings and policies of the Church. I enjoyed spiritual and social fellowships after I join the Conference group. I felt that the MYUM and UMM administration and leadership have no love for souls. So I no longer intended to support the present MYUM and UMM leaders. But I want to be a part of any other Union, Division.
   Nam withheld
Voices from Mission leaders

Dear Elder Sangchia

      The following suggestions are important points to consider in order to win the disbanded group back to the fold of Upper Myanmar Local Mission. They are as follows:
1.     They should be treated with love, mercy, kindness and patience.
2.   Sabbath School quarterlies should not be discarded but made available to them so that they could buy.
3.   Unitedly leaders of the Union and Local Mission must have meetings, dialogues, seminars and discussion with the Conference group representatives for the possibilities toward achievement of the Conference status through the right channel.
4.   Separate worship services must be allowed by the leaders in case the uncompromisable situation arise among the church members.
5.   Let the church leaders conduct seminars and revival meetings which will uplift the love of Christ and promote unity in the church.
6.  Let the leaders have an effort to indoctrinate the church members that the SDA church is the only remnant church in the world.
7.   Let the Union, the Division and the GC initiate all possibilities of efforts to the achievement toward Conference status.

I am sure that the Lord has inspired your heart with love to solve this issue. May God bless you!

   Your fellow worker in Christ,
      Pr. Rozama, Director, SS/PM
      Upper Myanmar Local Mission
      Cherry Rd, Pyin Oo lwin
      Ph: 085 22487
Dear Sir,

1.     Elder Kai Za Dal and his group separated themselves from the church for several reasons. It was not genuine aspiration for Conference. They did not obey the advices of SSD.
2.   But there are many sincere members who want to achieve the Conference status. They seem to know that the course they are taking now is a short cut to Conference status.
3.   All united members remain faithful to the Upper Myanmar Mission. Due to personal differences there is disunity in the church.
4.   Two groups of people in one church building could not promote unity.
5.   Therefore, providence of new building to such group for worship will rather help solve the problem soon, unity will then prevail.
6.  Time will reveal the truth. I am not sure that the majority of them will return to the fold of UMM, yet they are sincere Adventists. But I hope they will return sooner or later.
7.   I can not see the possibilities to support such groups outside the frame of policy. It is natural that the prodigal son was received by his father when he returned home. But no father could do anything with son who had never return to home.

   Mr. Thang Lam Mung (Van Lalchunga)
   Treasurer of Upper Myanmar Local Mission

Dear Sir,

   Let those who refused to return to the fold of Upper Myanmar Mission be left alone, that they should not disturbed us. Please provide buildings of worship to them. Thus, unity could be prevailed soon.
   If possible, provide worship houses to them. Unless I must support the mission group to take over the church buildings until a single member pro-mission remain in the local churches.

   Pr. Kai Khan Khual,
   Secretary, UMM
      Pyin Oo Lwin Phone: 085-22487
 Residence Phone: 371759
 Office: 371757/371758

Regarding the Disbanding of 17 church in Upper Myanmar Mission,
1.     Whether they return or not there must be final call by visiting to them.
2.   There must be fasting and prayer for this group.
3.   If the Union Mission EC allowed me, I want to visit them to show my love for the final call.  
Pr. Thang Lian Khai, Director, MYUM of SDAs
Venue:  Tahan B church

Date:   6/3/2006
Attendance:  50

   Mr Sangchia explained the purpose of his visit to them in detail. He discussed about the problems of Upper Myanmar Mission and the deadline of the probationary period of disbandment set up by MYUM/UMM.
   Then he appealed them whether they are willing to return to the fold of Upper Myanmar Mission before March 25 or not. No one signaled willingness to return to the fold of the Mission. Then he collected the reasons from individuals why they were so determined that they refused to return to the Mission. The following points are a summary of reasons:

1.     They want to have spiritual leaders who have love for souls and sense of mission. There was incredibility in leadership of the Union since 2001 because of they disrespect policies and bylaws to maintain their own position.
2.   The leaders took firm stand against the Conference aspirants despite of their promises to support positively for Conference status for many times. For this reason members lost trust in the leadership of Myanmar Union.
3.   Corruptions in financial matter and moral conduct are permissive to the mission loyalists in the present mission leadership.
4.   They preached that there is no salvation outside mission organization.
5.   Reach International fund for educational aid was mishandled by transferring to a non recipient due to the parents of the original recipients joined the Conference group.


Place:   Conference office
Date:   7/3/2006(2:00 to 6:00pm)
Attendance:  20

      Mr. Sangchia briefly explained about the purpose of his visit to them. Then he asked the audiences about their views to return to the fold of the Upper Myanmar Local Mission leadership. No one responded. Since then he asked them to give the reasons why they do not want to return to the leadership of UMM/MYUM. The following points are a brief statement of their reasons.

1.     They have survived for two year on self-supporting by the providence of God.
2.   MYUM and UMM leaders intentionally violated the SSD Working Policies several times ( in 2001, 2003, and 2006) by deceiving church members as if there were two systems of forming up the nominating committee in session. Then they appointed the nominating committee members by the already expired Executive Committee members of UMM in 2003. In 2006 Session the MYUM/UMM leaders rejected the local churches chosen representatives and replaced them with the person of their own choice to be pro-mission. Thus we the Conference churches have no representative present in the Upper Myanmar Session 2006 and it happened from the time they separated us from UMM. We knew that all these things are a serious violation of the SDA Policies.
3.   The UMM disfellowshipped Hmun Ling, an outstanding lay evangelist who had won many souls to Adventist Church on the ground of his support to the Conference group.
4.   The Church pastor of Chanthagyi refused to allow members to take part in the church.
5.   Reach International Fund was diverted to a pro-mission students from the original recipient student who support the Conference. But the report was given in the original recipient. This is a defraud committed by Mission leaders in Myanmar.
6.  Mission leaders did not permit the children of Conference advocators to attend mission operated schools.
7.   Mission leaders did not allowed members of the Conference group to worship in their churches. They always blame and talked bad things about the Conference group from the pulpits.
8.   Mission leaders always agitated and initiated to summit accusations against the Conference group to the government, but they blamed the Conference to be the agitators. (See reference will reveal the truth)
9.  Students or members were expelled from the school or disfellowshipped from the church by the Mission leaders merely because of their parents attended revival meetings conducted by the Conference groups.
10. Conference members want the democratic style of election (transparency in election).
11.  There are weeds and wheat growing together both in mission group as well as Conference group among Myanmar Adventists. 
12.  The most important point we, the conference members want to make SSD leaders aware is that in regards to the current problem, Conference members do not have hatred on any clan, racial and languages. If any of Myanmar Union leaders mislead you regarding this as a basic issue, kindly note that it is not true. The truth is that the fire started with the manipulation conducted by MYUM leaders in the election of 2001 and 2003 and as year passed by it has expand to the present situation in Myanmar Adventist circle.
They are sorry for the disbandment. However they are ever willing to unite with the Union under the leadership of spiritual leaders and they are praying to God for spiritual leadership in MYUM who emburdened with reaching the unreached non-Christians.

Venue: Pr. Ngul Khaw Pau’s Resident
Date:   8/3/2006
Chairman:  Pr. Ngul Khaw Pau
      Mr. Sangchia, as usual, explained about the purpose of his visit to them. Then he asked about their views on the Conference groups.
      Pr. Ngul Khaw Pau, a retired ordained pastor labeled them (Conference group) to be rebels and wicked people. The mission group have no concern for them even the wild beasts tier them into pieces.

Venue:  Mr. Kap Lian Thang’s Resident
Date:   9/3/2006
Chairman:  Elder Khual Za Nang
      Mr. Sangchia explained about his purpose of visit to them. He explained that he came to seek the 3500 members who have been disbanded by the Union. Then he inquired about their position toward the Adventist doctrines and church organization.
      The Conference group exchanged their appreciation to Elder Sangchia for his visit based on loving concern for the Conference group. And they told him that they had never intended to derail from the SDA church and its 28 fundamental Doctrines.
      Regarding church buildings, the Conference group believes that neither the Mission group nor the Conference group solidly owned them. They were dedicated worship houses of God for all people.
      The group is ever ready to pay tithe and offerings to the church. They would like to request the SSD to arrange special people to receive their tithe and offerings. And they request the Division to guide them how to work in evangelism especially for the non –Christians.
      The individual member submitted written declarations of his/her own position on the Church, its Doctrine, Organization, and leaderships of MYUM.

Vanue: Pinlon-Kalay SDA Church
Date:  9/3/2006
Chairman:  Mr. Kam Khan Mung
Attendance: 130
      Mr. Sangchia explained about the purpose of his visit. Then asked the audience’s view in regards with the disbandment and appealed to return into the fold of the MYUM and UMM leadership before the deadline was expired. No one uttered even a single word of desire to return to the UMM for the following reasons:
1.     They want to have trustworthy and spiritual leaders for the speedy advancement of the mission of the church in Myanmar Union.
2.   They accept the 28 fundamental doctrines of the SDA Church, its bylaws and Policies.
1.     We, Zampi SDA Church members fully accept the 27 or 28 pillars of doctrines and Statements of faith.
2.   We believe that SDA church is the true remnant church and we don’t want to join any other denominations.
3.   We fully or wholly accept the writings of Ellen. G. White, we accept her as one of the true prophets for our time.
4.   We will honestly give tithes and offerings to support the church to expand services, ministries of SDA church world wide.
5.   We want to comply our SDA’s working policy, the church manual and also theological handbook.
Our Goals and Objectives
1.     We will concentrate our minds, strength, and resources in preaching to non-christians and non-Adventists and we would strive for revivals among Adventists in Myanmar.
2.   We will work for clean competition in working for God, in evangelism, in winning non Christian souls and non Adventist souls and for revival of our church members and let God and the world see whom God is using to work for Him in this last days.
Our Benefits
1.     A person who never attends Church before starts attending the church regularly.
2.   A person who never sings or prays in the Church before becomes active in church activities such as singing, and praying.
3.   Every members actively involve in church services and outreach activities, especially in preaching gospel, home cells etc..
4.   Our tithe and offerings increase in compare to earlier.



   December 29-31, 2003: Upper Myanmar Local Mission (UMM) had its Triennial Session. There was a serious dispute between the MYUM leaders and the lay representatives because the Union arbitrarily approved the UMM-Executive Committee (UMM-EC) to form up the nominating Committee without approval of the delegates from local churches. As the result of that dispute MYUM leaders enforced the Mission to take action against the Conference group. Then a resolution to disband the Conference group was proposed by Pr. Muller Kyaw (Please see the UMM Voted No 2003-090). That rather intensified the issue.

   January 1, 2004: Pr. Min Lwin, the UMM President circulated letters of notice to all churches in Upper Myanmar about the disbandment of several churches. 

1.     April 6-7, 2004: The UMM-EC arbitrarily voted a resolutions No 2004-017-018 for the implementation of UMM resolution No. 2003-090. Copies of the resolution were circulated to all Adventist churches of UMM and to the government office.

2.   April 19, 2004: Min Lwin declared to all churches of Upper Myanmar territory that the Upper Myanmar Conference (UMC) was an illegitimate organization. Copies of his declaration were also submitted to the government offices to serve as notice for measure of necessary action against the UMC.     (See 66A)

3.   June 8, 2004: Pr. Min Lwin sent a notice letter of the disbanded churches to the District pastors so that they might have the legal hand to secure church buildings of the Conference group.  (See 66B)   

4.   October 21, 2004: Pr. Memory Tun, the Secretary of MYUM circulated a letter to all churches of Myanmar Union that the UMC had been disfellowshiped by MYUM from Yangon with the resolution No. 2004-090. The letter conveyed that the said group is disobedient to the SDA church and had nothing to do with the MYUM.             (See 66B1)

5.   October 25, 2004: Pr. Min Lwin sent a letter to the Chairman of Mayan Village Council that he might knew the history of the SDA church and could be able to protect the church building from illegal use for personal benefits by the Conference group there. More over, he stated that he had informed the Conference issue to the authorities of the States and the Divisions so that they might take necessary action against the Conference group.       (See  66C)

6.  October 29, 2004: Pr. Muller Kyaw, President of MYUM sent a written request to the Chairman of Sawbyuayesin village Council that he might help dissolves the religious crime there. Copies of his letters were submitted to Township office of Religious Affairs.            (See 66D)

7.   November 22, 2004: Pr. Muller Kyaw requested the Kalaymyo Township Officials to help him for the dissolution of the self-supporting group (Conference). (See 66E)

8.   November 25, 2004: Pr. Kai Khan Khual, the Secretary of UMM notified to the following pastors that the UMM has vested Special Power (SP) of Attorney to them that they could proceed the issues of the church to the government in Kalaymyo Township.

      Pr. Lian Khan Dal,  Circle Pastor for Teddim Chin,
      Pr. Malsawma,  Circle Pastor for Lushai Chin, and
      Gin Do Pau   Church pastor, Pinlon-Kalay    (See 66F )

9.  December 13, 2004: Pastors mentioned above (No. 8) submitted a written request to the government for the CLOSURE of Pinlong SDA Church so that no one could worship God in it. Copies of the request were submitted to the Chairman of District, Township, Ward Council, the Police Station, and MYUM, UMM.  (See 66G)

Pum Za Lian, who himself confessed about his acceptance of 3 million Kyats (about 3,000 US$) from Pr. Memory Tun as a bribery for recruitment of people to be pro-mission, submitted a written notice to the Chairman of Township Religious Affairs that mentioned the said building was solidly owned by the Mission group.  (See 66G1)

10. December 22, 2004: Gin Do Pau, the church pastor and Pum Za Lian again submitted a written request to the Township Religious Affairs that he should take action against Mr. Kai Za Dal in accordance with the law.    (See 66G2)

In response to Gin Do Pau’s letter the Ward Council called for both side to make negotiation on 27/12/2004.      (See 66G3)

11.  January 6, 2005: Pr. Min Lwin, UMM President, appealed to Upper Myanmar SDA churches that they might be united in Witnessing.   (See 66G 4)

12.  February 9, 2005: Pr. Suak Khaw Ngin, Director of Education Department, requested to the Chairman of Tamu Township Council to take action against the Conference group as criminal victims in accordance with the existing law.    (See 66H )

13.  February 24, 2005: Pastor, and elders of Paangpi SDA church informed to the government that the Conference promoters were a group of Gang that had been disfellowshiped by them, so that no one should have association with them even in case of sickness in accordance with the instructions of MYUM President, and that they might take action against them as they deem necessary.   (See 66H 1)

14.  February 21, 2005: Gin Do Pau submitted a letter to the Chairman of District Council that he might be familiar with the church organization and the right of the Local Mission to take over all properties of the disbanded Conference churches. (See 66 I)

15.  September 20, 2005: Pr. Muller Kyaw sent an email to He mentioned himself to be tolerate and forgiving and humbling himself for the unity but accused of the Conference group to be the creator of problem. He had determined to do what he should do at the end of the year (2005).    (See 66 I A).

16. October 31, 2005: Pr. Muller Kyaw distributed a letter of invitation to return to the fold of MYUM without addressing the Conference leaders. He confessed his mistakes for the unconstitutional election of 2001 and 2003 in the letter but blamed a responsible church official leader as the culprit for that mistake.     (See 66 J)

17.December 30, 2005: Kham Khen Pau, vice-Chairman of Myanmar Adventist Conference, positively responded to SSD President’s appeal for reconciliation.

18.  January 24, 2006: Pr. Min Lwin informed about the disbandment to the Pinlon-Kalay SDA Church with the resolution 2006-06, and anyone who wants to be SDA should enlist their name in the Upper Myanmar Mission.   

19. March 29, 2006: Thang Cin Khai, pastor of Anlangh SDA submitted a written paper that falsely accused the Conference group vandalized the minister’s quarters. In fact, the Conference group renovated and enlarged the Church building as it could no longer accommodate growing membership.     (See 66K)

20.                    March 29, 2006: The Village Council forwarded Thang Cin Khai’s letter to Township Council, along with his personal endorsement, for necessary action.  (See 66L)

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