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Friday, April 8, 2016

Degree Offered:

Degree Offered:

I.        Major in Religion
          Basic Requirements (40 units)
          Major Requirements (36 units)
          Cognate Requirements (30 units)
          Minor Requirements (24 units)
          Electives (4 units)



The Department of Religion seeks to:

1.      Elevate and fulfill the spiritual objectives of the College.
2.      To prepare competent, consecrated ministers, Bible teachers, church
         workers for the task of fulfilling the Church’s mission especially in  Upper Myanmar      
3.      Develop in students an awareness of the Bible as the Word of God
         and guide to Christian faith and living, enabling to serve effectively
         as teachers of the Word with the right use of the methods of study.
4.      Help students acquire an active life of prayer, faith, worship and
         service to God and to fellowmen.

II.     Major In Education

Objectives:A student will be able to:

a) Develop a strong and conviction for the teaching ministry
b) Develop qualities of a Christian teacher.
c) To integrate biblical values in his/her life and teaching.
d) Demonstrate ability to handle classroom teaching effectively.
e) Prove responsible and dependable in various work assignments.

Department requires:

Basic Requirements: 40 units
Major Requirements: 35 units
Minor Requirements: 24 units
Cognate Requirements: 11 units
Electives: 20 units 

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