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Friday, April 8, 2016

Attendance at College Appointments


Attendance at College Appointments

Regular attendance at all the appointments, classes, chapel assemblies, worship periods, work assignments is required of every student. Leave must be requested. If leave of absence is necessary from classes, the student is advised to inform the teacher(s).

Class Attendance:  Absences affect grades.  Absences from class due to emergencies may be excused by the College President.  Habitual absences  without acceptable reason may call for further disciplinary action.

Morning and night study:  Arrangements are made for the girls and for the boys to study  in the respective places under the supervision the Deans.

Devotional Meetings: Morning and evening devotional periods organized
by the hostels and the week-end services are a regular part of the programme  of the student while in college. Prompt and regular attendance for these appointments is required. Students who fail to be regular for these make themselves liable for serious discipline, including withdrawal from the College.

Work Attendance: Every student is expected to work a minimum 2 hours every week.

Outreach activity: Groups of students are assigned to participate in witnessing, preaching, conducting Bible study, and branch Sabbath School in various churches in and nearby KalayMyo. Some students are involved in ‘gospel tour’during summer vacation and some took part in evangelistic meeting.
Financial Responsibility:  A student who joins the College must recognize that he must meet his financial obligations to the College promptly from month to month. Student must understand well his/her financial obligations and make sure that such one is in a position to meet these obligations promptly.A student who has a debt may be denied further registration and permission to sit for the semester examination.

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