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Friday, April 8, 2016



Admission to McNelius Maratha Christian  is granted to applicants whose abilities such as to indicate the probability of successful
scholastic records, whose  interests are  in harmony  with the aims of the College.  The applicant for college studies is required to present a certificate showing successful  completion of High School (with college entrance eligibility). The applicant must also submit the transfer certificate from the last school/institution

attended. The subjects taken and grades obtained by the applicant may determine the courses n which he/she may be required or permitted to register in college.   A student is required to present original documents establishing entrance eligibility at the time of his/her first registration, and submit a copy of it. If this is not done provisional registration may be granted for a semester. Further extension of an additional semester may be granted under extreme circumstances which are beyond the control of the students. All such students will be on a provisional basis and not granted regular status until the original documents are submitted.

Late Registration:

        Students are expected to be on time for the opening on the first day of each semester. Certain amount will be levied on late registration. All students who do not complete registration during the announced registration period will be charged certain amount as late fee.  Under exceptional circumstances registration  during  the third week may be allowed only by the committee.

Changes in Registration:

        Each student is held responsible for following the programme for which they have registered. Failure to attend a class for which one is registered will result in an “F” in that course.  No student will be admitted to a class, nor may he received credit for a course for which he/she has not registered. Changes in registration may be done within a given date.

Student’s Pledge:

By registration at the College the student pledges himself/herself tolive in accordance with its policies.  A student’s signature on theapplication form includes a pledge that oneconducthe/she conduct Withdraw: the college reserves the right  to ask student to withdraw at any time during the school  year for reasons considered sufficientto justify the measure.

College Hostels:

               The college hostels are operated for the use of the students 
of the institution.  When a student ceases to be a student, he/she is expected to vacate the hostel promptly. During the summer vacation, if for any reason a student has to remain in the hostel, he/she must obtain special permission for the same and also agree to continue to observe all college rules and regulations.
        Outsiders are not allowed to stay in the hostel. Relatives of the students may be permitted to say one or two days with  the specific permission of the president and the hostel deans. Visitors permitted to stay must abide by the hostel rules. Students are expected  to keep their rooms neat and clean. A student who refuses to do this may be asked to withdraw.
        The college realizes that it has a very special responsibility to protect the students, especially those residing in the hostels. Hostel residents are not to leave the campus without specific permission of deans of the hostel or the president. Visits of outsiders to the hostel are restricted.

        The college cafeteria is operated for the students and outsiders are not expected to use it without obtaining permission from the cafeteria in-charge. All those who use the cafeteria must conform to its rules and regulations.

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