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Friday, April 8, 2016

Admission to Majors and Minors

Admission to Majors and Minors

Students are normally admitted into major field by the time they complete 24 to 36 hours.  Admission to a major or minor is based on primary on academic grounds.
        A change in the choice of a major or minor may be made only through approved by the Dean of the College, and the head of the Department concerned.


        A student must be present for all scheduled examinations, or no credit will be given for the course. The student must carefully note his/her examination appointments. Such schedule is also placed on the College bulletin boards. Excuses such as forgetfulness, wrong notation of examination timing, will not be considered as valid reasons for
giving special examination.
        A student must be on time for his/her examination appointment at the place of the examination.  Students are not to take any unapproved material that would aid them in the examination hall. Those found with such material in the hall or whole writing examination will be dealt with seriously: a student who indulges in any unlawful or unfair means in an examination will be immediately barred from proceeding with that examination and from taking any more examination of that examination period. In these courses the student will receive “F” grade.  The student will also be debarred from attending the college for at least one semester.
        If for unavoidable reasons a student is unable to attend a scheduled examination, prior permission must be obtained from the College President for such absence.
Special Examination: If an examination cannot be taken at the scheduled time for reasons acceptable to the College, provision for giving a special examination may be granted by the College committee.
Placement Test.All new students are required to take English placement test as specified by the faculty.


        Every teacher maintains a class record in which attendance and the grades earned by the students in each of their classes in classroom work, tests, reports, term papers during the semester are recorded.

The respective weight of the various classroom activities in making up the final grade of the student in the course as  follows:

                Classwork: tests, reading reports, etc.     15%
                Term paper and presentation                   15%
                Mid-semester examination                      20%
                Final Examination                                   50%

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