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Thursday, April 7, 2016

About Us


Brief History of the College:

McNeilusMaranatha Christian College was established in 2000. It was known as the Kalay Adventist College since it was an extension section of the Kalay Adventist Seminary (a secondary School). By 2002 the name of the College was changed its name to Maranatha Christian College. Again in 2003 it was named as McNeilus Maranatha Chriatian College in honor of Garwin McNeilus of the Maranatha Flight International for providing buildings to the Adventist church in Myanmar. In 2004 the College celebrated her first graduation exercises. The eight graduation and commencement was held in 2015. The present campus, that is more than 27600 square foot of land was acquired by the providence of God through the generosities of  Ginno of Tuithang, Kai Za Dal of Kalaymyo, and the Kalay Adventist Seminary members. To date, the College is a center of higher learning for Christian education in the field of religious study and Christian Education. McNeilusMaranatha Christian College is a member of Kalay Consortium of Bible Colleges.

College Logo:

The circle symbolizes McNeilus Maranatha Christian College’s participation in the mission of Seventh-day Adventist Church. The triangles around  outside of the circle represents the Godhead that protect and guide the College. The Alpha and Omega symbolizes Christ is the author and the finisher of our faith and our lives in the plan of salvation.  

The programmage of McNelius Maranatha Christian College is built upon the philosophy that“True education means more than the pursuit of a certain course of study. It means more than a preparation for the life that now is. It has to do with the whole being and with the whole period of existence possible to man. It is the harmonious development of the physical, the mental, and the spiritual powers.”The college places these objectives before its students as goal to constantly strive for. 

Spiritual: to emphasize the role of faith in the lives of its students; to present a moral and ethical philosophy of life as a basis for the solution of both personal and social problems. 

Mental: to develop in its students the ability to do independent and creative thinking  and to cultivate in them an understanding of the basic facts and principles of the major fields of knowledge, together with a more specialized mastery of one of more of these fields; to develop an attitude of open-minded consideration of controversial questions; to develop a continuing intellectual curiosity that will expand through the post-college years. 

Ethical: to lead its students to accept and practice those ethical and moral concepts which are approved by the enlightened conscience of mankind; to develop tolerance toward the rights and opinions of others; to develop acceptance of the social obligation of serving humanity and striving for its welfare.

Social: to guide its students in the development of attractive personalities which will find acceptable in a worthy social  order, and which will lead to enthusiastic  participation in its activities; to develop an understanding and consistent practice of approved social graces; to encourage participation in recreational activities which contribute to a well-balanced personality.

Physical: to give its students an understanding of the functions and proper care of the body and to establish a consistent observance of habits and practices which foster maximum physical vitality and health; to emphasize the intelligent recreational use of leisure time and co-operation with others in the improvement of the physical well-being of society.

McNeliusMaranatha Christian College,  a Seventh-day Adventist institution of higher learning, believes that God, as the Creator and Sustainer of our universe, is the source of true education, and promotes an integrated course of learning that prepares human beings for usefulness in this world and for fitness in the world to come.

Mission: To provide quality Christian education that will enable the students to knowmore of Jesus Christ, prepare them for His second coming, and equip them forservice in this world.

Vision: McNelius Maratha Christian College envisions to be a center of wholistic Christian education promoting academic excellence, integration of faith and learning, and responsiveness to the local and global needs of society.


1. To inculcate love of God fellow men, with emphasis on a high regard for human life.
2. To insure relevant curriculum and quality instruction, through competent Faculty.
3. To develop leadership capabilities and management skills committed  to excellent and Christ-      like service, responsive to change and development.
4. To emphasize dignity of labor and to develop skills by providing opportunities for work
5. To exemplify a unique lifestyle in conformity with the Seventh-day Adventist health message.
6. To actively participate in community extension services.
7. To advocate and support efforts to conserve, protect and improve the environment and  promote sustainable development.
8. To establish and maintain linkages with local, national, and international Academic    institutions, government agencies and non-government organizations and entities.
9. To prepare graduates who are adequately trained and competent  in their chosen field of      study and committed to serve God and society.

Standard of Conduct:

McNeliusMaranatha Christian College is governed according to the principle that character building is the highest object of education, and that self-government is the ideal. The student’s application contain an agreement to observe the standards and the policies of the College, while the student is a member of the College. Enrollment at the College may be withdrawn from any student who does not conform to standards and regulations of the College, or who is unwilling or unable to adjust his or her environment. Students are expected to abstain from gambling; from the use of alcohol, pan, harmful drugs and tobacco; from dishonest or deceptive practices of any kind; from indecent behavior and the use of profane language; from the reading of pernicious literature; from attending entertainments not approved by the College; from the wearing of jewelry, make-up, and unbecoming attire; and from clandestine meetings with the opposite sex.  Students are not to possess while in residence firearms, daggers, long knives and other weaponary. Code of Student Behavior Each student enrolled in an Adventist school, whether from an Adventist family or not, shall be expected:

1. To attend school regularly and punctually.
2. To leave the school premises during the day only with the request or permission of the guardian and with the approval of the head teacher.
3. To go to and from school in an orderly manner.
4. To respect the Holy Bible as the inspired Word of God.
5. To practice acceptable principles of Christian morals, ethics, fair play, And courtesy in all
     school relationships, abstaining from rough and uncouth behavior.
6. To keep language above reproach, refraining from the use of profanity and filthy words and conversation.
7. To maintain a constructive and cooperative attitude.
8. To care properly for all school properties.
9. To replace damaged property for which he may be responsible.
10. To practice principles of healthful living as taught by the Adventist Church.
11. To refrain from attending the theater, dances, or other questionable forms of amusements, such as inappropriate home videos.
12. To dress in a modest, healthful, and becoming manner.
13. To exhibit moderation in the use of cosmetics.
14. To refrain from reading objectionable literature.
15. To refrain from inappropriate hair styles.
16. To decline the use of tobacco, liquor, marijuana, and other addictive drugs.
17. To avoid hurting self, others, and things.
18. To look for ways to be a help to fellow students and the teachers.
19. To encourage a happy and peaceful atmosphere.
20. To be aware of the presence of God.

The purpose of the dress code is to build character that exhibits these qualities:

MMCC students are ambassador for Christ. They are to dress in an appropriate manner at all times, including coming to and from school. Girl in this college, low necklines, sleeveless tops, and bare midriffs are not allowed. Skirts should cover the knee. Tight-fitting clothing or skirts with immodest slits should not be worn.

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