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Saturday, August 15, 2015



The crisis could be studied in three stages from 2001-2005 viz: Misunderstanding, Misinterpretation, and Confrontation, wherein individualism and racialism emerged. 


Dec MYUM Session: MYUM leaders introduced the so - called newly adopted GC Policy for election by forming up the Standing Committee by the expired MYUM - EC against the SSD Working Policy and the €œLocal Conference Session " GC Working Policy, 1997 - 98 ed. C 30 05 and 10, pp 90 - 91., and Article V €œRepresentation.

Jan UMM Triennial Session: MYUM President and the newly elected UMM President introduced the so - called system of MYUM at UMM Session again. That was to form the Nominating Committee members by the already expired UMM - EC.

This proposal was objected by Pr Kham Khen Pau(KKP), the UMM Secretary and Mr. Kai Za Dal (KZDal) and some lay members. 

Jan 30 MYUM voted to close down ATI that had been operated since June 1998 by mutual agreement with committee action of UMM and MYUM leaders.

April 17 UMM was enforced by MYUM to close down ATI during the Centennial Jubilee, at Tandaung, Kayin State.

UMM members began to complain on constituency election, ATI, and the way they administered church schools operated by the local churches and their direct appointment of principals.

May UMM members who have burden for Adventist education see the need of having an association for promoting Adventist edu., in UMM, and reminding of the higher unit for Conference status.

June Lead Conference Seminar: SSD Secretary Dr. GT Ng met with MYUM and UMM officers to discuss about the complaints of UMM. Kenneth negatively reported about ATI, and Conference to G. T. Ng of SSD.

GT Ng orally advised that MYUM should allow Kale as a Junior College and a Training Center at Pyinoolwin for solution based on KKP's proposal.. The advice was absolutely turned down by Pr Tin Tun who uttered,  and he said We have no money.

July MYUM transferred KKP and GLPau to Yangon and Katha respectively for their morally and physically sympathizing of ATI.

Nov MYUM Secretary Pr. Muller, Pr. Kenneth, Pr. Kai Khan Khual, UMM Stewardship Dir., visited to give negative comments on ATI and Conference. When questioned about the severe warning against studying at ATI, UMM leaders pretended to know nothing about it. Retired Pastor Ngul Khaw Pau commented that Conference Promoters would be cut off like cutting the nail by the division that would overrule them.

Nov 20 Members discussed the prevailing situation in MYUM/UMM, and
28 Conference Planning Committee was initiated by representatives from 28 churches and 40 companies.



Jan 1 MYUM Presidential circular accused that Conference Promoters are as a cancerous disease to be cut off in time.

Jan 3 Muller met lay members at Tahan. He committed to some that Upper Chindwin could be granted right away. 

Jan 7 CPC officially applied for Conference status to SSD as a renewal of the 1987, and 1992 applications to FED and APD.

Jan 26 UMM President'confidential letter to EC members and Circle leaders accused the CPC as rebellion against the church like Absalom to David while apparently they rebelled against the church ceaselessly. He also stated that MYUM agreed (on Jan 21-25) that CPC leaders should not be cut off by now.

Feb Mr. Thang Kang Do, a lay member of the Yangon Central Church was intended to be listed as an advisor to the CPC. When this intention was distributed in writing among lay members the name Thang Kang Do was mistaken for Thang Kang Lo, a mission worker whom, Pr. Kenneth, UMM President, forced to sign an agreement that he would never accompany the CPC and take a firm position against instead. 

Mar MYUM planned to visit churches of UMM to separate/divide names that support for and that do not support Conference, and report the lists to SSD. The team members comprised officers, Dept. Directors of all Missions of MYUM.

April 23 MYUM Stewardship Dir. Pr Montana commented positively in his introductory message and concluded with negative ending without proper understanding.


April 29 GT Ng from SSD met with 9 CPC representatives, MYUM Officers, and UMM officers at Pyinoolwin. He guided that workers and lay members should work unitedly for Conference status achievement.

MYUM leaders consented to remove all barriers and work together unitedly.

June UMM Mid -year EC invited 4 additional members Pr. Mai Don, Za Nawla, Kai Za Dal, Khual Za Nang, Khen Do Pau and reached mutual agreement as follows:

( 1 ) There would be no separated committee except UMM- EC to which 2 or 3 lay representatives be added to the committee to work out for conference status: KZNang, Khen Do Pau as regular, KZDal as an invitee.

( 2 ) MYUM will be cooperative for UMM to become conference and removing all its obstacles.

( 3 ) MYUM will be cooperative to elect a leader who will be conference oriented, conference advocated, in coming December 2003 MYUM session 

( 4 ) CPC would then submit tithe, and offerings to UMM.

And clearance on Kenneth's false report about KZDal to SSD for receiving tithes for himself was admitted rectifying his fault. (Ng to Kenneth, June 5, 2003)



July 18 Kenneth's circular letter explained that Mission and Conference should not be understood as separate organization, Gulfan Jr. met with KZDal and Khen Do Pau on 10/7/03 Thursday, during Go 3 million, and a resolution had been made on 11/7/03 Friday that UMM will initiate for conference, and that misunderstandings by false report to SSD had been cleared. (Kenneth, July 18, 2003.

Aug 12 Kenneth's circular accused CPC as the Alpha rebellion followed by the Omega rebellion as predicted by EG White. The CPC is accordingly seen to be deviation like Kellogg's Pantheism, and D. M. Canright. 


Sept 23 CPC talked with Pr. Muller, the acting MYUM President, on Conference and asked whether his position was to keep on June agreements since there were opposing voices from mission workers.

He promised in Pinlon Adventist Church that MYUM will be positive for unity. This meeting was called on because of negative voices and of circulars. (Referred to Kenneth's circular letter of Aug 12).

Sept 24 Elder Gulfan Jr. from SSD lectured what all about Conference. After that he challenged lays and workers to remove barriers and work unitedly. Pr. Kai Khan Khual, UMM Secretary, responded that he would begin by himself according to the procedure step by step to achieve conference status after confessing failures on their part.

Sept 25 UMM Officers met CPC members and discussed that UMM and CPC would work out in unity for Conference, "Criteria for Conference Status Application" should be filled up by UMM and proceed on to higher organization, and tithe should be submitted to UMM by December after fulfilling mutual agreement between CPC and MYUM at June mid-year meeting. (Refers to Nov. 18 below). 

UMM leaders made opposing strange remark.

Oct 25 Sabbath morning: UMM Secretary told that the CPC would be put out of church. Pr. Min Lwin, UMM President heralded the same voice in Kachin Circle at the same time.

Nov 6 CPC appointed Elder Khual Za Nang to inquire and discuss with Union regarding the current situation for narrowing the gap. Muller and Memory met with him and reconfirmed the previous agreements made in June. Khual Za Nang pleaded them to help stop mission workers from opposition.
Nov 17 KKP circulated a detail story of SSD Pres€™ visit, the mutual agreements, and the negative responses of UMM. (Referred to SSD President's Visit above)

Nov 18 CPC called emergency meeting for immediate implementation of agreements made by Muller, Memory, and Khual Za Nang by submitting Tithe. Invitation was made to UMM, MYUM and copy was sent to SSD by email. No representative was sent from UMM or MYUM.

So members lost their trust and confidence upon the leaders for their failures of promises and for negligence.

Nov 24 KZDal informed SSD about the current negative position of UMM/MYUM leaders against SSD policy to cut off the CPC by December 2003.

Nov 29 Members in Shan State such as Naungcho, Yadana, Nama, Lashio, Namtu/ Bawdwin, and Hsi - paw signed for cooperative toward Conference status.

Nov 29 KZDal and Khual Za Nang were authorized to meet and discuss again with Muller and Memory Tun by the CPC for peace and unity, prevalence of law and order in the church. 

Dec 1 CPC representatives met with Muller. Further discussion was refused by MYUM acting President Pr. Muller who has already had a preplanning with UMM representatives whom they dominated and said to them You are late, although the election was yet to be had the next day. Information about this was given to Elder Gulfan Jr. at Panda Hotel.


Dec 7 Min Lwin and KKK phoned KZDal to meet on 11/12/2003. KZDal told them that this was a matter to be discussed with MYUM after their fulfillment of the mutual agreement :( gap remained un-bridged as MYUM failed its agreements).


Dec 29-31 UMM-TRIENNIAL SESSION:Muller and Memory Tun as MYUM representatives.

1st day: Business Session Reports. 

2nd day: 

Expiring UMM-EC members were invited to elect the Nominating Committee members by MYUM President in a surprise manner during morning meal break. Result of nominating committee was readout.

Kai Za Dal, Kam Khan Mung, Nang Cin Khen, from lay and Suan Khen Go from Mission employee objected and commented that it was illegal according to €œB 04 15; C 25 10; C 30 05 2 of SSD Working Policy, 1999 ed. pp. 134, 159, and "C 30 Local Conference Session" and " D 25 Model Local Mission Operation, Article V Sec 6; Art. Vl, Sec., 1, 2, 3" of GC Working Policy, 0997-99 ed. (Washington, DC: Review and Herald Publishing), pp. 90-91, 144-145.

As a result of the objection raised above there was no correction, no any call for second, nor any approval by the constituency delegates.

3rd day: (The UMM Year-end Committee and Voted 2003-090)

Unduly elected EC members were called upon by UMM/MYUM leaders for the disbandment of some churches, but in vain. 

Again Mission employees(ministerial workers) were called upon for reinforcement of the agenda for disbandment. Three options were offered by MYUM, namely, negotiation, or ignorance to or disbandment. Ministerial workers were challenged to write their names on the secret ballots.

Objection was made by three pastors, but no consideration. Mission leaders counted the ballots secretly and announced that majority voted in favor of disbandment/disfellowship. It became voted 2003-090. It is an action against policy and SDA manual.



Jan 1 Min Lwin, the newly appointed UMM President, signed and circulated a bull of disbandment (excommunication) that would be in affective after 90 days of probationary period. (Referred to the rd day of UMM-TRIENNIAL SESSION Dec 29-31, 2003 above)

Jan 8 KKK, Secretary assigned Gin Do Pau of Kale to defend properties at the cost of life (document kept).

Jan 15 128 CPC representative of 4565 members from 60 churches and companies complained to UMM that (Voted 2003-090 for) disbandment of CPC was illegal and should be cancelled by the UMM-EC for the reunification of the church based on love.

Jan 16-19 CPC Annual Revival Meeting, as scheduled for 13/12/03. Daily activities were informed to friends abroad. Copy to MYUM.
MYUM Reported the CPC as illegal movement to the Ministry of Religious Affairs of SPDC Myanmar.

Feb 7 Pin Oo Lwin, the UMM HQ, church board attempted to disfellowship Kham Khen Pau. Oral and written request for defense according to €œCM 187Rights of the members to be heard in defense was made twice by KKPau, but no consideration to his requests. 

Feb 18 KZDal's letter explained that CPC were not forming a new denomination but SDA loyalist to 27 Beliefs and to the theology listed in the Handbook of SDA Theology ( SDABC ) vol. 12.

It was a respond to Suak Khaw Gin's circular title €œThe Final Shaking of Adventism" that accused CPC as Kellog€™s Pantheism, DM Canright, and Desmond Ford. 

Feb 23 Elder Thang Khan Lian complained to Muller for the wrong way of handling ATI and Conference.

Feb 27 Chang Luke of Kachin informed about his dialogue with Muller to KKPau.

Mar 23 Muller wrote a letter to KZDal about his disapproval of CPC, excuse for MYUM Session of Dec 2-5 and the existence of two methods of forming the Nominating Committee, his willingness to resign from MYUM post rather than schism in the church. (There had never been two methods but if there is any such at all it would mean a rebellion against church authority).

Mar 25 Thang Khan Lian complained to Muller for the way he dealt with UMM members.


Apr 6-7 UMM-EC was held. Muller as MYUM representative.

Voted: 2004-017: To declare CPC as disobedient, divisive, and illegal movement out of SDA.

2004-018: CPC causes confusion. Any worker involves in CPC be seriously dealt with. In the case of local church failure to take action, lists be reported to UMM for action. The following steps below are the implementation of voted 017, and 018 above. 

Steps: ( 1 ) UMM form a Strategic Committee for Conference.
( 2 ) Any church that refuses to comply with this be disfellowshiped on the spot.
( 3 ) Pr. Suak Khaw Gin was assigned to Teddim Circle, Pr. KKKhual to Kale Circle, Pr. DZThang to Tonzang and Pr. Samuel Thein to Ka Chin Circle.

Apr 14 KZDal responded Muller by challenging to step forward for unification, or better to request SSD for his resignation as mentioned by himself in his letter. (Document kept )

April 19 Min Lwin declared CPC/UMC as illegal movement and copies of his letters were submitted to Township SPDC and Township Religious Officers for further necessary action, and to the Ministry of Religious Affairs of SPDC. (Referred to April 6-7, Voted 2004-017 above). (Document kept).

April 20 UMM leaders€™ Offensive Crusade against CPC began from Kale, Paangpi, Tahan B, Pyidawtha A and B, Chanthagyi, Singgial, Teinkayah, Sawbua etc., by Pr. Kai Khan Khual and Team while Pr. Suak Khaw Gin in Antioch, Lezang and Thal Mual had illegally disfellowshiped more than 61 members.

April 21 CPC responded Min Lwin's letter with copies submitted to the same places. 

April 24 CPC formed up again the managing Board of the Kale Adventist Seminary (KAS) that MYUM harshly dissolved after operating it for only a single academic year (2003). 

April 26 Chang Luke reported about Pr Samuel Thein's divisive measure in Kachin Circle.

April 28 Suan Khen Go and Pr. Do Za Thang had initial dialogue with CPC leaders to submit tithe to UMM. Suan Khen Go made a lobby with UMM, MYUM and CPC for dialogue when Elder Gulfan Jr. came to Myanmar for straw vote during May 2004. Khen Go sent email to Gulfan Jr. on this matter.

April 29 Gulfan Jr. replied to Khen Go that the proposal for dialogue depended upon MYUM€™s arrangement. (Email copy kept).


May 4 KZDal, KKPau, KZNang from CPC met A C Gulfan Jr. and told him that UMM voted (017, 018-2004) against the CPC, and some workers were transferred without transfer allowance. A. C. Gulfan Jr. told them that UMM leaders did election according to the Policy. 

The unduly elected UMM-EC again voted 2004-040 for the disbandment of several churches that they biasly and falsely accused of rejecting in line with the mission administrative policy, refusal to operate in harmony with the church Manual, withholding tithe and etc., while ignoring their ceaselessly failure to comply with the SSD Working Policy and the CManual. 

May 18 Neng Khan Suan reported the CPC gospel teams as criminals and requested that the local authorities in Tonzang might arrest them.

May 25 KZDal wrote to all the local church Elders to keep their church properties and land not to be disturbed by mission workers, since they are not solidly mission properties.

MYUM President Muller entrusted special legal power to UMM officers to proceed to governmental court.
June 25 KZDal€™s explanation of Policy on election and Conference was circulated. Copies were submitted to, Township, District, and Ministry of Religious Affairs. Election scandal was exposed therein.

Aug 25-Sept 1 The Chairman of Tonzang Township Peace and Development council asked Mission/Conference leaders to explain two systems and the possibility of opening Tonzang SDA church, to have combine/united worship and tithes given according to their respective choice. Both leaders consented to keep their fellows to be in peace.

Sept S S Quarterlies were begun to discard by Third Quarter, 2004.
Pr Samuel Thein closed Mayan Worship house by inviting Police force and village chief.

Oct 4 KKKhual, UMM Secretary faxed NKSuan, Tonzang church pastor, to implement the closure of Church building on 7th Oct (Sabbath). Township SPDC had already authorized them to have combine worship hour previously.

Oct 16 KZDal responded Suak Khaw Gin's circular letter that accused the CPC as a doctrinal deviation from SDA and that they should not be saved.

Dec 12 Kale-Pinlon Church bldg was locked by Pum Za Lian who was lent 3 million Kyats by Memory Tun for use in seeking for loyalties to the SDA Mission in Kale township area.

Jan 20 MYUM and UMM leaders had special dinner party with Teddim Township authorities incurring an amount of Kyat 40250.
Jan 6 Min Lwin made appeal for unity and "United in Witnessing" whereas UMM leaders KKKhual, SKGin, reported CPC-Kale to be criminals (trespass) to Township SPDC for necessary action. (Referred to February 6-12 below).

Jan 7 Both CPC and UMM were called on for hearing.
Feb 9 Pr. Suak Khaw Gin, UMM Edu. Dir., on behalf of UMM president, made an application to Tiddim, Kale, Tonzang, Tamu Township SPDC for help in dissolving the CPC and their own operated church schools.

Feb 12 CPC Kale were reported to Township SPDC by UMM Leaders.
Mar 3 Pr. Suak Khaw Gin, on behalf of UMM sent a letter to Dr. Dal K. Mang falsely accusing CPC as "SDA Separatists"
Mar 23 Pr. Khai Lian Mang, Tiddim Circle leader, was ordered by UMM leaders to to inform the Township authorities that CPC could not hold meeting by the name of SDA, but in vain. ( KLMang€™s email to Pau Za Khan on May 11 2005 Wed: 19: 17MST ).

Township director of Religion felt very sorry for Mission worker€™s attitude of irreligious, jealousy, authoritarianism. Authorities made known all about this to the CPC leaders

Mar 25-27 CPC Revival Meeting.

Mar 30 At Paangpi-Kale, Nang khan Cin the brother-in-law of KKKhual, who has been working as elder for 6 years ventured to disfellowship two active members for their denial to sign a bond/oath on a local made test of fellowship: to follow the manual of General Mission(GC), to be in the mission until death. Copies of church board action were submitted to Ward, Township and district SPDC and Religious Affairs, Kalemyo. (Copy kept)

Jun 9 UMM leaders wrote an application to Kale district SPDC against CPC and Kai Za Dal and associates as victims of criminal Trespass.
Jun 24 Pr. Suak Khaw Gin circulated an accusing, threatening, and an appealing letter to a number of lay members to support the UMM leaders while forgetting or ignoring the impending facts and their failures to follow Manual and Policy.

July 19 Min Lwin, KKK, and Saw Htoo Galae went to Kalemyo District SPDC to remind their report dated 9/6/2005 for necessary action taken against CPC and particularly to arrest Mr. Kai Za Dal and party as victims of criminal but without reasonable response.

July 23 Pr Suak Khaw Gin proudly witnessed that he successfully disfellowshipped 30 members at Kaptel during the AY Week of Prayer. He afterward termed it as temporary disfellowship which in fact had never been practiced in our church history.

July 24-Aug 18 
Min Lwin again charged and reported the CPC/MAC led by KZDal to the Central Government of the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC), Yangon to the affect that KZDal and his followers are trespassing to rob the land of church and the properties concerned. This case was referred to the Divisional Religious officer of the Sagaing Division, it is learnt.

We throughout the course of our activities of Conference movement never trespassed any rule and regulations of our Church or the Government of the Union of Myanmar although we had been reported to government offices of acting as criminals.

Aug 8 Two high ranking Officers from Central Government of SPDC in charge met with KZDal, Khual Za Nang, Kam Khan Mung, Thang Za Pau, and Thang Lian Khup to enquire the charges made by the UMM Leaders.
Aug 31 Wed: Pr. Suak Khaw Gin, UMM Edu. Dir., who had disfellowshipped over 80 members, falsely emailed to A C Gulfan Jr. that Kham Khen Pau and Tual Lian Dal, requested the Government officials to close down MUAS because it had been the center of underground movement. No such report was made by the persons mention above by Suak Khaw Gin.


In view of all these, we the Adventists majority insists that our aims may kindly be entertained to be in line with the worldwide Conference which are the specific goals of God's work on earth. 

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