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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Nitawpni ciang apiang ding Limte


I will show wonders heaven above , and signs in the earth beneath; blood, and fire, and vapour of smoke:
"The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and notable day of the Lord come:
"And it shall come to pass,that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved." Acts 2:19-21.


1922, August1, ni-in  Swatow Typhoon huihpi mi 60,000 si hi.
1975, August7, ni-in Typhoon Nina hangin 210,000 si hi.

1876, October 30 ni-in Great Backerganj cyclone huihpi in mi 200,000 that hi.
1970, November 13 ni-in Bhola cyclone in mi 500,000 that hi.
1991 April29,  Bangladesh cyclone in mi138,866 that hi.

1737 October7 ni-in Calcutta cyclone in mi 300,000 that hi.
1839, November 25 ni-in Indian cyclone in mi 300,000 that hi.
1864, October 5 ni-in Calcutta cyclone in mi 60,000 that hi.1882 kumin Bombay cyclone in mi 100,000 that hi.

Myanmar [Burma]
2008, May 2 ni-in Cyclone Nagris in mi 146,000 that hi.


1964 kumin Narail-Magura Tornado kici huihpi in mi 500 that hi.
1969 kumin E.Pakistan Tornado in mi 923 that hi.
1973 kumin Dhaka Tornado in mi681 that hi.
1988 kumin The Tangail Tornado in mi440 that hi.
1989 kumin The Daulatpur-Salturia Tornado in mi1300 that hi

1551 kumin  The Valetta-Multa Tornado in mi 600 that hi.

1851 kumin The Sicily Tornado in mi500 that hi.

United States:
1925, March28 ni-in Indiana, Illinois, Missoury munteng ah nung a mi 695 si hi.

1951 kumin The Comora Tornado in mi 500 that hi.

Soviet Union [Russia]
1984 kumin Yaloslavl tornado in mi 400 that hi.

Hih huihpi pen nasia a, anawkna mun khempeuh tholo hi. Mihing tenna tam a nawkkhak leh tam si hilel hi.


1625 kumin huihpi guah kithuah Trondelag nung a, mi210 si hi.
1849 Lofoten ah huihpi leh guah kithuah a mi 500 si hi.
1868 kumin Lofoten huih leh guah kithuah in mi 96 si hi.
1899 kumsungin nihvei nung hi. mi 140 si, anihna mi 30 si hi.

1996 kumin Amarnath Yatra dahnapi ci-in mi242 si hi.

1999 kumin guahpi leh buan kicim hangin mi 15,100 si hi.

United Kingdom:
1881 kumin Eyemouth, Scothland ah huihpi nasia a, Black Friday ci hi. mi 189 si hi.

United States:
1913 kumin The Great Lake storm acih huihpi pen Canada tawh gamgi ah nung hi. mi250 si hi.
1962 kumin Columbus Day storm in mi 46 that hi.


1707 Hoei zinling hangin tuipi tuihual in Tokaido, Nankaido vaat a, mi 30,000 si hi.
1771 kumin Yaecyama,Okinawa tuihual in vaat hi. mi 12,000 si hi.
1792 kumin Unzen meimual hangin Kyushu tuipihui teng vaat hi. mi 15,030 si hi.
1826 kumin  zinliing hangin tuipi huiteng  tuihual in vaat hi. mi 27,000 si hi.
1896  kumin Sanriku tuipi hui teng tuihual in vaat a, mi 22,070 si hi.

1868 kumin zinliing hangin Arica tuipi hui teng tuihual in vaat a mi 25,674 si hi.

1883 kumin tuipi hual in Krakatoa tuipi hui teng saat a, mi 36,000 si hi.
2004 kumin Indian ocean tuihual in mi 229,866 sumai hi.

1755 kumin Lisbon zinliing hangin Portugal, Spain, Moroco, Ireland, United Kingdom teng vaat a mi 100,000 si hi.

1908 kumin Messina  saat hi. mi 123,000 si hi.


1910 kumin  Roger Pass acih uh mualpi tungpan vuuk kicim a mi 62 vuklum hi.

United Sates:
1910 kumin Wellingto Washingto vuuk kicim in mi 96 vuklum hi.

1951 kumin Winter of terror kici avotlua hangin mi 265 si hi.
1954 kumin Autria ah Blons Avalanches vuuk-mincim a, mi 57 si hi.

1962 kumin  Peru gam Huascaran vuuksah mincim a mi 4000 si hi.
1970 kumin vuuk sah lua votlua ahihmanin mi 20,000 si hi.

1993 kumin Bayburt Uzengili vuukkia hangin mi 57 si hi.

2002 kumin  Kolka-Karmadon suangkenpi vuuk kicim  a mi 125 si uh hi.

Afghanistan leh Pakistan:
2010 kumin Salang vuk kicimin Afghanistan mi 172 si uh hi. Pakistan ah Kohistan vukmincim hangin mi 102 si hi.

" Love worketh no ill to his neighbour: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law."
" And knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation  nearer than when we belived."Romans 13: 10-11.


United States:
1888 kumin US nihvei vukhuihpi nung a masa mi 400 si. anih veinami 235 si hi.
1940 kumin Armistice Day Blizzard vuukhuipi kizial in  mi 144 that hi.
1978 kumin  N.Eastern lamah Vuukpingpei in mi 54 that hi
1993 kumin vuukhuihpi nung a mi 318 si hi.

1902 kumin Hakoda mual vuukhuihpi hangin mi 199 si hi.

1972 kumin Iran vuukkia-in mi 4,000 si uh hi.

1995 kumin Kazakh vuukhuihpi nung in mi112 si hi.

2008 kumin vuk khuadam hangin mi 926 si hi.

2008 kumin vukkhal huihpi hangin mi 133 si uh hi.

Vuuk tawh kisai ei Equater tawh kinaigam mite in kitheilo hi. Khuadamna a tampen Europe gam leh S.Pool leh N.Pool aa omte in buai pih mahmah uh hi.

" The night is far spent, the day is at hand: Let us therefore cast off the the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light."
" Let us walk honestly, as in the day; not in rioting and drunkenness, not in chambering and wantonness, not in strife and envying."
" But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ------------" Romans 13: 12, 13, 14.

Afghanistan War

2001 -2003
# direct civilian deaths 3,1000 to 3,600.
# Indirect civillian deaths 3,200 to 20,000.
Total: 6,300 to 23,600.
20,000 Afghan may have died of US airstrikes on Afghanistan.

2004 - 2005 casualties
1,700 civilian, insurgents, and security forces.
600 policemen were killed.

2006 = casualties
4,400 Afghan had been killed.
1,000 civillian.
2.077 militants.

2007 = casualties
7,700 people were killed.
1,019 Afghan police,
4,478 militants,
1, 980 civilians
232 forein soldiers.
Other report said 5,700 to 6,500 Afghan civilians  had been killed.

2008= casualties
3,917 civilian were killed.
6,800 were wounded
120, 000 forced out of their homes.
Insurgent killed 2,300 civilians , including 930 suicide bombings.
1,620 civilians killed by US military.
1,100 civilians killed by NATO.
520 civilians killed by Afghan military
680 killed by US+Afghan combind forces
2,800 civilians injured  80,000 homeless.

2009= casualties
2,412 were killed, 3,566 wounded. 5,000 militant were killed.

2010 January - June.
Anti-Government  hangin Civilian 920 si hi. Alangnih tuakin kigawm4,949 - 6,499 si hi.
UN galkapte hangin civilian 223 si hi. Alangnih tuakin kigawm 8,991 -28,583 si hi.
American galkap hangin  civilian 1,271 si hi. Alangnih tuakin kigawm 14,643 - 34,240 si hi.

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