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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Appeal for the Imprisonment

Dear Elder Gulfan,
President of Southern Asia-Pacific Division
P.O Box 040,
4118 Silang,Cavite

Proudly wish and express my gratitute for replying my mail.May our GOD be always with you till the end of your tenure as a Spiritual Father of SSD Constitution and leader of the church presiding in Philippines.

Generally,your reply letter seemingly discouraging the hope we all have been looking from you when you landed in Kalaymyo,Upper Myanmar Mission on the auspicious time-spent with the leaders of Conference and all stalwart members and pro-conference members.In fact,on that night you inspired us a lot and gave courage to attain Conference Status and you addressed the story of Gideon who fought for his own people amidst of turbulences and trials.This was the remarkable day in the history of Zomi SDA Conferences;the assurances you promised to us were typically great reward for your fellow SDAs in UMM, MYUM, energized all those who awaited flawless helping hand from you.

I hoped that you might notice me that I was taking part as a master of ceremonies on that particular welcoming programme on September 19,2003.After all, the Union personnel and delegates were asked to came up to the stage, holding our hands together and danced according to the tunes of Zomi Cultural dances and spent blissful moment including you too joined with them and danced for a while just before the great hope of assuring Conference Status curtain was closed unexpectedly. All things what you have assured us were turning upside-down and totally different the time when you were in Kalaymyo because when you all got back to the Head Office of MYUM in Yangon, you announced the impossibility of attaining Conference Status in UMM,MYUM and distributed the leaflets regarding your negative point of view about the Conference Status in UMM,MYUM after thorough head to head meeting with the Union personnel. Till date, your assurances for attaining the Conference Status which you promised to Mr. Kai Za Dal still pounding my heart that you assured your next visit be the time that we all inaugurate the Conference Status in UMM. So for that, you too still remembered the sweetest assurances which you promised to the Chairman of Conference Movement Mr. Kai Za Dal which you were in Kalaymyo Air Port before you leave for Yangon.
In addition, I am feeling and clueless about the arrest of your colleagues Mr. Kai Za Dal and Pr. Kham Khen Pau being sent to jail without your consent and approval. I hope and surely believe that you might not happy and content the movements of your colleagues in UMM,MYUM because they overused their authorities totally indecent and the Adventist pastors are not supposed to do among the heathens instead we have to go a second mile if asked for a mile { Matt.5:38-42, Luke 6:29,30, Luke 6 :27-28,32-36, 1 Cor.6:1-10, Matt 5:43-46 }.

This is the first ever of its kind in the history of SDA Church that the SDA pastors bribed the government and sent their own fellow members in the custody of polices since the church was fully organized in 1863 ,especially and coincidencely it is happened when you have been serving the leader of the churches in SSD Constitution. Perhaps, I hope that it will not be one of the most productive records to be recorded in the history of SSD Constitution, however, this is under your administration though you have claimed that this action was taken locally because the place this action taken was under SSD Constitition. Do we regard and take this incident as the way of SDA members to do so while Jesus keep asking to spread the love of GOD and gospel news across the world in order to soon coming of Him.

Please, I beg your pardon and humbly ask you to render your service and save the name of this remnant Church in Myanmar for they do not know what they are doing and simply believe that this might be the right way to erase and hunt down the movements of Conference and be marred in UMM,MYUM as long as these two leaders are putting behind the bar and keep them at bay!At the same time your colleagues are not absolutely content for the 3 months imprisonment of Mr.Kai Za Dal and Pr.Kham Khen Pau , therefore, the church leaders in MYUM  appeal to the Supreme Court in order to sentence them 3 years in stead of 3 months imprisonment.

My dear father in-spiritual and in-Christ, I, hereby, humbly ask your helpful mediation and timely solution to cease the tenses in MYUM before the very odd things and untoward incidents happen in MYUM in which your decision is the key to open peace and settle down the crisis in MYUM against pro-conference members. Could you kindly do and save the church in Myanmar though all these things happened without your knowledge and consent because when the time comes everything must be upon your shoulder and I really afraid that you might totally face the consequences by hook or by crook through the way you never expect it to be! I hope you might not agree to do such awkward manner if they ask you before doing this? On the other hand, I scare and afraid them that they dare to to commit crimes, ungodly manner without prevailing all such things to you. They take everything in their own hands and put the ball in their own court while our church is organizing under the same Working Policies and Church Manual all over the world.

I reaffirm that the church members in UMM crying to the LORD due to this paganism conduct by the so called pure SDAs and sending the fellow members in jail and I swear that the blood, the life, the fate of them would be cast down upon you and we all must reap for what we sow!
I hope and pray that you will surely save the plight and the essence of our church before you complete your tenure. May GOD be with you and bless you to be the most effective and productive leader in the history of SSD Constitution and for the LORD.

Yours Faithfully,
Mr. Kai Lun Mang
NEW DELHI-110018
{ Cont. No.:0091-9953292507 }

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