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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Satan Pawlpi


July 25 ni in Satanic pawlpi te in Detroit khuapi USA ah mipi muh ding in Satan lim pholak khia uha, ticket nei te bek en sak uh a en zong tam mahmah uhhi. Hih Baphomet lim pen , Kel lu nei in, bronze (copper leh tin akici sik nih kigawn a kingah sik nam khat ) tawh kibawl hi in, asang na pi (8 ft) sang a agikna ton khat gik hi.

Hih kel leh mihing kigawm khawm lim bul ah pen “ Inverted pentagram leh amah bia lai naupang nih lim kikoih hi. Satan pawlpi te in hih lim pen “ Thukham sawm” lim, Oklahoma, USA a lim tang in koih ding pen asawm bel uh hi in, ahih hang asawm bangin akoih thei kei uh leh State dang ah Thukham sawm langpang nading in koih teitei ding ci in pulak khia uhhi. “ Ten Commandment” thukham sawm lim pen Arkansa gam khen khuapi Grounds ah 2012 in kikoih a, ahih hang thukhen zum in kumpi te neih leh lam ah biakna lam lim te koih kiphal lo ci in, June 30,2015 ni in lakhai ding in thu pia uh hi.

Satanic temple co-founder leh spoken man ahi Doug Mesner’n in , hih Baphomet lem pen mi muh a akoih nopna hang pen in mipite lungsim ah Satan thu kilawm lo mahmah, nuihzak huai bang a aneih uh pen anawt siang kikna ding a deihna cihi.

Maan : Baphomet lim leh Thukham Sawm

Ref: ABC News Several hundred people attended a Mass at a Detroit Catholic church to protest an 8½-foot-tall bronze statue of Satan that crowds of people also lined up to see.
Satanic Temple had said it would unveil the statue Saturday at a Detroit location that only people with tickets would know. Hundreds lined up Saturday evening to get the tickets as Christian protesters rallied nearby.
Earlier Saturday, The Detroit News says 200-250 people attended Mass at St. Joseph Church in a protest against the Satanic event.
The group had hoped to place the statue at the state Capitol in Oklahoma City until Oklahoma'sSupreme Court banned religious displays on Capitol grounds.

The Satanic Temple now says it wants to erect it outside Arkansas' statehouse, where a Ten Commandments monument also is planned.

Credit:cin ngaih

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