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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Please help the baby to live!

Baby Khup is a handsome, sweet, darling baby born October 11, 2014. His parents are Hau and Mary, and his big sister Lingling who came to America as refugees from Burma/Myanmar a year ago.  On November 19, Baby Khup developed a fever and was taken to the emergency room at Valley Medical Center, Renton, Washington. Thankfully, they started him on antibiotics immediately and ran various blood tests. He was transferred to Seattle Children's Hospital. The test results revealed that Baby Khup has bacterial meningitis. The doctors pinpoint that he was infected through urine infection. And they believe it's because he is so little and his immune system is not as strong as older children. 

Everyone is very optimistic about his recovery, and he is acting like his normal, happy self. However, the treatment for bacterial meningitis is 21 days of antibiotics that must be administered through an IV.  This means that Baby Khup will be in Children's Hospital for 21 days.  This puts a great strain on the family.  They are sorting out a schedule to determine who is staying at the hospital, being home with big sister Lingling.  

Contributions will help the family with medical expenses not covered by their insurance, daily travel back and forth, meals in the hospital and childcare for Lingling.

After the treatment, Baby Khup should return home and be back to his normal, amazing self!  Please consider donating to this family.  And more importantly, please keep Baby Khup and the his family in your prayers.  Also share with friends and encourage them to donate. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Baby Khup is in Seattle Children's Hospital. Help Baby Khup go home for Christmas.

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