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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Khampat Thupiangte

 Khampat Thupiangte  

January 20, 2008
Pastor A. C. Gulfan Jr.
President of SSD
Silang, Cavite
Dear Elder A.C. Gulfan Jr.,
Humbly I inform you that some of the Upper Myanmar Local Mission workers attempted to take over local church buildings by frightening and fraudulence of the persons concerned at Teinkayah, Khampat No 1, Sagaing Division and at Tuithang, Teddim Township, Chin State, during the month of December 2007. Employees who had engaged in such illegal attempts were Pastor Ngo Khaw Nang, the Circle leader of Kalemyo (also is a candidate of ministerial ordination), and pastor Saw Htoo Kalet of Mandalay who is specially assigned by UMM/MYUM to foster such attempt by self-styling as Captain Saw Htoo of Military Intelligent No 6,Yangoon, and Nang Sawm Sing, assistant pastor of Pinlon 11, Kalaymyo, Pr. Van Lal Chawna, the Circle Pastor of Teddim, and his follower Do Khaw Tuan, church pastor of Thalmual Village. It was not spiritual as well as ethical. In order to see the truth I humbly invite you to find out the facts with significant evidences we keep here since there had been many rumors on the events. Enclosure is the true story of the event (narrated by Mr. Kyaw Sin of Khampat, and Church members, the Manager-in-charge of a Bus Station, at Teddim, who had self-witnesses for the incident regarding the self-styled Captain Saw Htoo’s activities) for your information. May God bless you.
Dr. G T Ng, Secretary, SSD
Elder C. Sangchia
All Unions of the SSD
The followings are true story about activities of self-styled Captain Saw Htoo and his groups in attempt to take over the church buildings. The story is from the very word of Mr. Kyaw Sint and our church members as well as a manager-in-charge of a Bus station at Teddim, Chin State who met personally and knew all the activities of the Captain. Mr. Saw Htoo Kalet, infact, is a church pastor of Myothit Adventist church, Mandalay. He was sent by the UMM/MYUM there to handle the problem of Mission quarter at Myoma Ward, Teddim. That was coincided with a UMM/MYUM’s conducted evangelistic meeting at Teddim which was led by Mr. Suan Sawm Sang from Yangon, during late November 2007. Then they(with Nang Sawm Sing) went to Kalaymyo on 13th December. Two days later, they continued to begin their activities at Teinkayah and Khampat, Tamu Township, Sagaing Division.
1. Beginning of the Story
Mr. Kyaw Sint said: “Saya Lal Biak Khuma, pastor of Khampat Adventist Church (Mission) came with motorcycle to invite me for a dinner on Saturday, December 15, 2007 at 5:00pm. Two men came out of his house when we reached his home. He introduced him to me as Captain Saw Htoo. When I called him ‘Sir’ in our conversation, Moe Khaing (Ngo Khaw Nang) corrected me to call him ‘Captain’. I asked him which Battalion he belonged to; he told me, ‘He is Captain Saw Htoo of the Intelligent (6) from Yangon’. In addition, he said, ‘Your leaders Kai Za Dal and
Kham Khen Pau will be apprehended in February for 20 years term. Surrender your house, come to mother mission, after you take baptism at Pinlon (8) Paangpi Adventist church and I will give Ks 50,000(US$ 50) for your optical operation, and post you in Meiktila among your own Burmese people with Ks 45000 a month’, and show me a pack of Ks 1000(local currency) notes from his luggage. I told him that I had no money to go. Therefore, he gave me Ks 5000 and said, ‘You will also be arrested if you don’t want to surrender, then no excuses will avail.’ Then we went to Khampat (1) Cho Cho Lin Restaurant. He told me, ‘Your leaders are putting you in hardship to almost death’.”
“We went back to pastor’s house. Captain Saw Htoo prepared a paper to surrender the house in which I live. Moe Khaing(Ngo Khaw Nang) who has better acquaintance with headman of Khampat (2), signed it, and wrote the headman’s name, Van Thang Puia, as witness. The Captain offered the prayer before we went to the headman. Doubt came to my mind, how a military man (being in Buddhist Country) could offer a prayer so smoothly. It was dark when we reached to the headman’s home; the Headman opened only a window to see us. Then, the Captain said, ‘I want your seal and signature on my paper to take it to Yangon’. The Headman told that he could not do this without asking land Record Department (Surveyors) about form (No. 105) and the Township’s general authority”. Then, the Captain offered money. The Headman refused and said, ‘I do not need money’, and yet he took the paper, and kept it. The Captain and Moe Khaing went back to Kalaymyo in the night.”
2. Beginning of Doubt and Inquiry:
“I could not sleep. Questions came to my mind, ‘Does the mission hire the Captain? or does the mission have a captain as a member?’ I planned to inquire it with the money he gave. My wife and I took the bus to Kalaymyo the next day.
I met Ngam Kho Sei and Thang Hlim who rejoined Mission, in the bus. They asked about my trip. I told them that I was to draw my salary. Thang Hlim asked me, ‘ Didn’t Captain come yesterday?’ I replied ‘Yes, that is why I am going to Kalaymyo’. Then thee were so happy that they bought me oranges.
When we reached Kalaymyo Bus station, I excused myself as having been carsick and dropped off though they did not want me to. Thang Hlim reminded me to come to Pangpi the next day. I satisfied him and I headed to Kai Za Dal’s house and told the events, and asked about Captain Saw Htoo. He replied that there was no one as such, but there is an army retiree in the church in Yangoon. This worried me. I went to my former base No 89 Battalion, spent the night there, used army phone, and talked to Yangon about the condition. They replied, ‘There was no one as Captain Saw Htoo here. So keep him and report back to us.'”
3. Meeting With Kai Za Dal and Kham Khen Pau Next day, I went back to Kai Za Dal and Kham Khen Pau to report the information I got. Moe Khaing (Ngo Khaw Nang) overtook me on the Seik Kan Tha bridge and said, ‘Come, money is ready.’ I replied, ‘I do not want to enter into your mess.’ Then he told my wife to persuade me, but in vain. Then I told him that Kai Za Dal and his friend had gone to Teinkayah for inquiry. He asked me what for? I replied that they had their own program.”
4. The Truth Is:
“I came to know that self-claimed Military Intelligent Officer, that impostor, is Saw Htoo Klet, NRC 14/Pha Pa Nah (N) 091334 son of Htun Ngwe, taking care of Mandalay Myothit Adventist Church. (Moe Khaing confessed that Saw Htoo Klet was assigned by UMM/MYUM to handle the Conference vs. Mission problem) I came to know that Moe Khaing is Ngo Khaw Nang, NRC 5/ Kah La Htah(N) 059010, son of Suang Khaw Thang, (younger brother of Pr. Suak Khaw Ngin, Director, Education Department of Myanmar Union Mission of SDA), who is working in Pinlon 8, SDA Mission as pastor and Circle Leader. UMM/MYUM assigned him and gave the very special power to handle the Conference vs. Mission problem; also as the area controller. However, they are lying.”
5. The Report:
“Being a good citizen and trained in the army, I report to Kalaymyo Defense Department and Army head office when I knew the truth. I was asked to do lawsuit at District Police office. Thus, Moe Khaing was apprehended, Gin Do Pau, pastor of Pinlon No.11 Adventist church, who fostered the Captain was also called for verification of the truth about Captain Saw Htoo’s claim. Since Captain Saw Htoo went back home on time he was not apprehended. Two police officers inquired Moe Khaing and me separately.
“District officer came at 9:00pm and roared us that ‘you people were working small problem of the church to become a big problem, which alarmed the whole town, all the key persons came to know it. Your church’s problem has greatly affected not only here, but many places in the country. If you continue, you are sowing only bad seed to your new generation’. When I narrated the events thoroughly he softly concluded it with religious tone. Then, he changed the topic and asked me which Battalion I belonged to. I told No 89 and the second unit of No. 80 Infantry. It so happened that he was the Captain of the same unit. We chatted about good old days, how we built Tetaung Siidee Pagoda (Stupa) together, he shew to me the scar on his arm that he got from enemy bayonet, and told me that he would visit to me some day. Then I gave my address, Kham Khen Pau’s, and Thang Za Pau’s addresses.”
“Then the Police Commissioner beckoned me and said, ‘Do you understand what the District officer mean? He wants you to report this problem in Khampat. We will not order you to do or not’. Then he allowed us to dismissing–Moe Khaing, Gin Do Pau and Me.”
Mr. Kyaw Sint
Seventh-day Adventists
No 1. Khampat, Tamu District, Sagaing Division

1. Sawbuayeshin (June 15, 2005)

Jul 3, 2005

1. Sawbuayeshin (June 15, 2005)

Conference upa 4te GUTA ci'n Yatkwet seal tawh Palik
Zum-ah kikhia -a va kan uh ciangin Criminal Nature- a mat ding mulo uh.
Yatkwet in kua khiat cih gen ngamlo, thitsa phauh khat om ding hi ci .
Sawbua -ah Sia Mang Khaw Cin omlai - in abupin Conference ong deih uh hi.
Sakhangyi pan Sia Tual Mang puak beh uh hi. A sawtlo in Mang Khaw Cin pen
Sakhangyi ah koih uh hi. Sia Tual Mangin Kum kipat lam - in UMM ah sum
vaikhak in, biakinn van hawn thein nading hausate sawl hi. Conferencete'n
sign na thuh nuamlo uh -a thu piang zolo hi. Tu'n ong buai leu leu hi.

2. Teinkayah (June 15, 2005)

Sia Thang Hlim in Mission pan Conference ah sem - in sang
hong suak. Mission adeihte'n Ohsuh ah buai sak, Sia Dal, Pa Khual Nangte
vaan in pai ong tung kik khin uh.

Teinkayah pen 1999 gual in Tamu Khawk Ukpipa - in sang
khak sak. Thang Hlim leh upa Khat vua gawp, Tamu ah tawlkhat lock up. Sia
CZKham zong agala Vaaite khua ah bu, phone tawh ong zasak. MYUM Edu / Legal
Dir. Kyaw Sein ki zasak, bang Lawh thei khang kumpi khak hiven ci. EC- UMM
Kai Dal, PZLian, Sia Suan, Sia LSMangte ko in Lawyer Enpi delh to sak.
Sagaing Leh Tamu ah vaan. A thumveina Kha 3 khawng khit in hong kikthei.
Mission in ahonga, Conference in ahong zongin Adventist Education a kibang
hi ven, Kikhia sese lo in kah tuak lel le uh thumuh Vai zaw tham

Hong it Sai Khen.

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