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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Galkap Bu kineih Deek Siapa

Elder Muller Kyaw, President of MYUM
Brother Memory Tun,. Secretary of MYUM
Brother Nang Do Dal , Treasurer of MYUM
Elder Kenneth H Suanzanang, Legal Director of MYUM

Respected Sirs,

I humbly inform about the prevailing situations in the Adventist society in Upper Myanmar. We knew that Mr. Saw Htoo Galae, a probationary worker of UMM from Mandalay, is sent to Kalemyo to disturb and supervise all the prosecutions against the Annual Revival Meeting of Conference churches as he had done to me in Pyin Oo Lwin on ATI building.


Mr. Ngo Khaw Nang(Moe Khaing), church pastor at Pinlon 8, Kalaymyo who claims himself as the Area Controller and Circle Leader, in consultation with the said person prosecuted Mr. Kai Za Dal and Kham Khen Pau for forgery at the Township Criminal Court of Kalaymyo on March 26, 2007. Then as defendants we had and have to attend the Court on March 29, 2007, April 5, 2007, April 11, April 26, 2007 and we do not know how long we have to attend the court for that case.

Again Ngo Khaw Nang in consultation with the said person and Gin Do Pau, church pastor of Pinlon 11, Kalaymyo, and Lal Hmun Siama, pastor of Chanthagyi Village prosecuted against eight people of Pinlon 11 SDA Conference supporters (including Kai Za Dal and Kham Khen Pau) to the same court falsely for trespass, deviation of properties, and frightening—such things we had never committed.


The problem began with Chanthagy SDA church where Lal Hmun Siama, the pastor repeatedly claims from the sacred pulpit that all the properties of the local church, all the offerings, and all authorities of the local church should be under his own jurisdiction according to the letter of Pastor Kai Khan Khual, the Secretary of Upper Myanmar Local Mission. Then the members are divided into two groups: the mission supporters vs. Conference supporters by 33 vs. 93(4 households vs. 18 households).

After several disputes about the hiding of record and offerings by the pastor, a member dragged Lal Hmunsiama down from his speech. Then the pastor reported it to the Police and demanded Five Million Kyat (US$ 5,000). But reconciliation was made by elders of the conference supporters and had reluctantly paid Kyat 1,200,000(1.2 million local currency equivalents to US $ 1,200) in order to cool down the dispute. Then the pastor captured all the keys of the church and ordered that the conference supporters may only attend the church under the sole supervision of him and he padlocked the church on January 30, 2007.

As the result, the Conference group applied to local authorities that the two parties may have separate hours of worship. The local authorities summoned the two groups for reconciliation, but it was turned down by the pastor, Ngo Khaw Nang, and Gin Do Pau—pastors from mission side—on February 4, 2007. Then the petition was referred to the Township Council which in turn referred to the Local Council and authorized accordingly with the petition made by conference groups.

But the Schedule of separate worship hours for both were objected and the church building was officially declared padlocked by Pr. Malsawma, the Circle Leader, Ngo Khaw Nang, the authorized agent of the Local Mission and the Union and also the Area Controller, and Gin Do Pau, the Area Controller on February 20, 2007. Then Ngo Khaw Nang filed the case to the District Council and Township Council in which he falsely accused Mr. Kai Za Dal and Kham Khen Pau to be the creator of problem at Chanthagyi.

Then the EC of the Township council after studying the pro and cons in accordance with the instruction of the District Council, ordered the Local Council to confirm tlhe separate worship schedule on April 5, 2007. Copies of the decision were given to the persons concerned of both sides. After reading the decision the same group ( Ngo Khaw Nang, Lal Hmun Siama, Gin Do Pau, and Saw Htoo Galae) went to the District office on Saturday, April; 7, 2007 and objected the decision but in vain.

Such activities have negative impacts on church members for future reunification. Suing and prosecution against fellow Christians to the jurisdiction of non-Christian is very very shameful and a disgracing of the Adventist 'Church. All these kinds of actions were authorized and supported by the mission and the Union leaders morally, physical, and financially from God's treasury. And also we know that persecution had been used as a means of keeping the chu8rch pure. That is a contrary to the teaching of the Bible ( I Cor 6:2-12 ) and to the SOP( Christ's Object Lesson,

74:1) and also unchristian, uncivilized.


We would like to know how long the higher levels of our church organization will continue authorizing and supporting this kind of evil deeds at the cost of expending God's money instead of using them for the advancement of the gospel. Is this the best diplomacy to win back the one sided "disbanded". The existence of mission supporters and conference supporters is better

justifiable than prosecuting at the criminal courts since they are not against or rebelling God and the church. But the worst of all is: direct and indirect involvement of the leaders in such

prosecutions against their fellow Christians (Adventists) before the criminal courts and stand to bear false witnesses against their fellow Christians.

Therefore, I humbly request your immediate intervention regarding these evil deeds so that the negative impacts may not be contagious among Adventists in order for future reconciliation and unification.

May God bless you.

Pr. Khamkhen

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